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Photo by @katieorlinsky // Captured #withGalaxy Note8, produced with @samsungmobileusa // Blair Braverman @bravermountain.mushing nears the finish line of the Kobuk 440, known as Alaska’s toughest sled dog race above the Arctic circle. The race route begins and ends in Kotzebue and travels through the Inupiaq native villages of Noorvik, Selawik, Ambler, Shungnak, Kobuk and Kiana. While the race is one of the premier sporting events in Alaska, it is also an opportunity to bring people together to celebrate Inupiaq culture, way of life, heritage and respect for nature. For the last four years I have been documenting how climate change impacts the traditional way of life in the Alaskan Arctic. And for just about that same amount of time I have been photographing my one and only favorite sport- dog mushing. I have always dreamed of following this race that brings the two together, and this year I was finally able to do so. For the last four days I have had the opportunity to photograph the Kobuk440 and follow the entire race trail by snowmobile, traveling through some of the most beautiful, fragile wilderness in Alaska. It was quite the adventure, and you can follow along behind the scenes on my Instagram stories at @katieorlinsky!

오늘의 데일리룩 💗💗 상의는 @s_ny__ #데일리핏 슬렉스는 @hey___s 👖👈 저 요기서 슬렉스 색별루 다 구입했오용 😆💕 압구정 오프라인매장이라하면 다 비쌀거야라구 선입견가지신분들두 있으신데 물론 저두 그렇게 생각했는데 요기 옹니네는 .. 정말 합리적인 가격에 좋은 원단에 이쁜 옷들이 많더라구욤 😍💕 반해버렸옹 ! (협찬아니예욤😊)이쁜건 같이 입고싶은 마음에 .. 인친옹니들에게 공유팡팡합니당 전 진짜 옷을 너무 사랑하는것 같애 끄쵸 크크크 🤣💕


A nova modelo do Bella da Semana é um espetáculo! Além de linda, é inteligente e, para muitos, inesquecível. Aos 23 anos, Francielli Fontana gosta de ser ela mesma na hora da conquista. Seu maior defeito é ser sensível demais, enquanto as qualidades envolvem compreensão e tranquilidade. Ah, se tem uma coisa que ela gosta no próprio corpo são os seios (maravilhosos, por sinal!). Veja se você concorda com a opinião da moça: te esperamos nesta quarta-feira para comprovar esta hipótese. #belladasemana #bella #bds #bellaclub #franciellifontana

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