So these turned out pretty well.... soft, juicy, bursting with flavour, perfect on their own, in a fancy fruit salad, with chocolate cake or in a glass of champagne. Obvs. 🥂😉❤️🍓 then we cheesed the packaging right up! @leithmarket today 10-4. #picklesandferments #pickledstrawberries #strawberries #leithmarket #cheesetastic #pickledfruit
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2018-02-13 11:16:48

@abbis_pantry enjoy! ❤️

Abbi's Pantry
2018-02-13 10:20:54

I am so excited to get these in a G&T!!

2018-02-10 14:00:54

@bluekitty7109 so glad you're enjoying them! Have a great night and rest of weekend! 😊

Just had some in my G&T and they were delicious