Microshading “technique is done using either an electric hand tool or a manual tool, which creates a soft, powdered effect that resembles eyebrow powder," microshading employs a stippling method, which uses repetitive dots of pigment. It's like the pomade or powder to microblading's pencil strokes—just semi-permanent ... @iamkg20 . . . #3dtattoo #microblading #microshadow #hdmicroblading #azbrowqueen #anazavodini #archaddicts
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2018-09-23 19:17:52

Ana your Amazing life changing eyebrows 💕

@iamkg20 👯‍♀️thank you gorgeous for trusting me ✨✨

2018-09-23 05:15:46

I am so happy to have made this decision. You are an excellent professional and your work speaks for itself. Thanks again for blessing me with your work. I am forever grateful! @azavodini @azbrowart

Wow!! Amazing work ❤️

2018-09-22 06:39:51

Wow!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

What a difference this made great job


Omg top😱😱😱😱😱

2018-09-22 04:54:16


Incredible 😍😍

Lala 🌸
2018-09-22 04:31:14

Que perfeição 😱😍 Parabens 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 seus trabalhos são sempre incríveis 🙌🏼

Wow!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! The girl I work with have no brows either I kept telling her to go to you she wanted to go to her friend. Well, as I thought it wasn't going to look like hair strokes. It looks more harsh, bold and penciled in. She should of gone to you!!!! You really are talented in this field. 💕💕💕💕💕 There's no one like you! I've researched band researched and followed many accounts to compare work and always come back to you and be like.... Ana is #1 top girl in this! She's the only one I'd let touch my face! I hope if and when I find the courage to go to you your still the one who would be doing it. I just heard from many ppl mircoblading hurts alot. I have LOW tolerance for pain. So just go back n forth. @azbrowart

Davila Menezes
2018-09-22 03:50:52

Ficou muito perfeito, parabens, seu trabalho é maravilhoso!!👏👏

Roy Brandano
2018-09-22 01:52:25