HAPPY HUMP DAYYYY! Cruised through a nice interval run with Chandler and bae and then completed a little bit tougher ab day (check story for deets). I posted a while back about my mom having breast cancer - she has started chemo therapy (today was one of her sessions) so my emotions are high and my drive to take care of her and check on her is higher. I’m always on high alert. I’ve turned into a helicopter child 😂 through all of this, I’ve found fitness to be quite stable for me. I love working out, I get to give myself a break from worrying about things and push myself. Hard. It keeps my mood up and keeps me in a normal routine. If you’re going through a lot or in a rut, I know it can be hard but try to push yourself to just get to the gym, getting the tiniest bit of workout in and being able to move your body does wonders for not only your physical but mental health. Take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others 💪🏽❤️• • • • #fitnessmotivation #humpdayworkout #happyhumpday #selfcare #selflove #motivation #endorphins #healthyfitlife #fitlife #healthy #fitandhappy #strong #fitgirls #fitfam #workhardtrainhard
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