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🌹 I was the old @beatles.walrus 🌹 a new (not only) Beatles acc 🌹 hope you like it 🌹 DM me if you want/need to!

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🎅🏻 QUESTION 🎅🏻 #qotd: what are some of yout Christmas traditions of your Country? (and where are you from?) . #aotd: Italy - Christmas day it’s on the 25th and we have a very big lunch (or dinner the 24th in the South), we open the presents in the morning and we spend the day with our relatives we eat Panettone or Pandoro and we also celebrate the 26th, Saint Stephen! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #thebeatles#beatles#paulmccartney#johnlennon#georgeharrison#ringostarr#lindamccartney#pattieboyd#yokoono#60s#60smusic#music#sgtpepper#rubbersoul#aharddaysnight#ahdn#lovemedo#guitar#bass#drums #christmas#merrychristmas#wonderfulchristmastime#christmastree#xmas#xmastree

🎅🏻GOOD EVENING EVERYONE🎅🏻 I’m back maybe but I don’t know - how are you guys? what are you doing during these holidays?🎄

📚 QUESTION 📚 #qotd: do you go to university? what do you study? and if not, what would you like to do? 💓💘💓💘💓💘 #aotd: I study Foreign Languages and Literatures, and I’ve chosen to study French and keep learning German😍

I AM SOOO SORRY for being inactive but university is driving me crazy!!! I always have lessons and no time for studying at home.... tomorrow I ten hours in a row😭😭😭😭

I’m so tired because of university and I also feel empty and kinda down idk🙄

happy birthday to Linda❤️

I AM BACK🔙❤️ I will try to post once a day! — btw, it’s 00:37 am here and I AM SO HAPPY!😍 it’s been two months since Demi Lovato’s overdose, and today she was seen outside for a break from rehab I am a lovatic since 2008 and you could only imagine how happy I am at the moment🙏🏻 I’m grateful for the second chance life has given to her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

🍗 QUESTION 🍗 #qotd: what’s your favorite kind of meat? . #aotd: I love chicken honestly, I also eat other kinds but I don’t really like them that much

🥂QUESTION🥂 #qotd: when can you legally drink in your Country? . #aotd: I live in Italy, and you can do anything (car license, drink, etc) at 18

🚫 QUESTION 🚫 #qotd: have you ever done something illegal? . #aotd: yeah lmao. when I was little I stole a earring (and then brough it back hahaha) and recently I’ve made another thing but 🤫

🌀 QUESTION 🌀 #qotd: how’s the weather like where you live? . #aotd: here in Northern Italy it is too humid and there are like 33º everyday, but they feel like 40º🤧😭

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