Polar express !!!!!!! Great Smoky Mountain Railroad #iphone #polarexpress
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In my life I’ve had to battle a lot... I’ve seen a lot I’ve stood in the most famous street in Barcelona and watched numerous people get killed by a car on a rampage. I’ve been mugged. My dad isent a dad, my mum had struggled for years for me. I’ve seen so much hurt and exspirienced so much pain I can’t even explain! I’ve watched and seen so much it’s hard to wake up every day and think it’s all going to be okay. I have fought so hard for where I am today, but I wouldent want it any other way. I am probably the most humble, caring person you will know! I don’t care what people look like, or where they come from. I care about who they are, their values and what they care about in life. If I have learnt anything, it is, to be who you are. Don’t strive to be anyone else. Strive to be exactly what you want to be, no matter how impossible it may seem. Life is so short and can be so horrible! Which is why you need to take it by the hand and do whatever you want, no matter how impossible it may seem! Make yourself proud and put yourself first. Cause in the end, we have no one but ourselves to rely on, and no one but us is going to make it happen. So from good ol Aunty paige, go out and make it happen.

. گزارش تصویری از اولین تمرین علی کریمی با استقلال

. Yg sabar shay Cukup ambil hikmah aje yess . Mungkin ini cobaan lu taon ini 😭

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Colgate commercial 🤣 Lashes- @lavishlashesuk

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Too funny @allisonmarth we ran I to some friends on our train!

Allison Marth
2014-12-22 17:59:28

We were on the 5:00 train! Crazy!