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Manchmal entfernt Gott Menschen von dir, weil du was besseres verdient hast, du musst nur geduldig sein... #Habibo

There are things that I care about that I don’t want to care about, and I’m angry that I am constantly made to feel like I have to care about them. Who wants to give a shit about being fat, about being spotty or about cellulite. No one. No one wants to waste their time worrying about these things and I’m pissed off that I ever felt angry at my body when all it ever did was work 24/7 to keep me alive. Imagine if your body was another person and they worked for you day in and day out for free to keep your heart beating. They fight off intruders who try to hurt your body and heal your wounds when something does happen. Then imagine a society that sells you this idea that this person is evil and ugly and you should punish them. So you starve them and cut them, tell them their worthless and put them down all the time. But no matter what, they still fight with everything they’ve got to keep you alive. Your body loves you unconditionally, protect it. Photo: @alex_cameron #curls #curly #curve #curves #blueeyes #blondehair #blonde #beauty #beautybeyondsize #model #natural #makeup #cheekbones #redlips #redlipstick #eyeliner #eyemakeup #eyebrows #bodypositive #bodypower

сливочные облака 🌬

I have learnt ,How to value air and the space in between the ribs and what it is to fill a stomach and lay on it , I have learnt how to value a healthy heart before it rises and falls on pressure, I have learnt how to value a protruding navel before its space is occupied... I have learnt how to love the unseen, How to feel a heart before it comes to being, How to talk to he who only could respond with classical dance steps as the beat of your heart plays... I have learnt that pain is indeed a blessing for it brought forth a priceless gift as u.. When I conceived u ,I couldn't write as I used to but when I did write it was a master piece So I blamed and blessed you With u in me i graced stages U didnt stop me U made me push beyond what I knew I could U were love U were pain U were a source of strength But today oh my beloved son U have become my poetry❣