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Dutch artist living in Wiltshire.Website : .Email me through the website for enquiries.Shop on Etsy ⬇⬇⬇

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I am a little bit in love with this sweet dachshund called Emma from Japan, whose portrait I painted.Her dog mum sent quite a few photos to choose from and I also loved this one of her amongst the blue hydrangeas ❤. I normally sent off every order with a personal thank you note , and in the case of Emma's mum, as she placed three orders, I think it's fair to send this as a thank you card, don't you agree 🙂😉❤👍"Emma amongst hydrangeas". Watercolour.Size A5 .#watercolour #artwork #dachshundsofinstagram

Border in the back garden looking a bit wild 😲😲but it's just too hot to do any weeding and digging 😓😓#inmygarden #littlestoriesofmylife #toohotoutside

Sweet peas, lillies and roses in the shade ❤This morning on the terrace , and my view right now .#inmygarden #littlestoriesofmylife #summerinengland

Just got this note from this amazing customer in Japan who bought three paintings of me .I am not crying, you're crying .#sosweet

Update :Sold ! Today's effort."Three lavender flowers" . Watercolor and pen and ink .Size A5 ( 15x 21 cm). I saved these flowers ,as I found them this morning flattened by yesterday's rain .They are now on a vase on my desk and the scent is fabulous .#lavender #flowerspam #watercolour #penandinkdrawing #artwork #littlestoriesofmylife

"Portrait of Emma" .A recent commission .This watercolour and pen and ink of this beautiful dachshund will be winging its way soon all the way to Japan 🙋🛩💥❤❤Superrrrr exciting.Size is A4.This is an original work of art, not a print .Please contact me anytime per DM or via my website if you are interested in commissioning artwork .#dachshundsofinstagram #watercolourink #watercolour #penandinkdrawing

One night of rain and all the lillies have opened.Rain is so magic .#inmygarden #flowerspam #flowersofinstagram

Update :Sold ( to a lovely Japanese customer who has also ordered a private commission ).I picked these sweet peas this morning before we had rain and thought to give it another go in watercolour.I had some paint left over as I have been working at a commission today and always think , waste not , want not ."Sweet peas on the window sill " watercolour and pen and ink .Size A5 .21 X 15 cm ) .#watercolourink #watercolour #inmygarden #flowerspam #sweetpeas

Perennial sweet peas doing their thing in the front garden #inmygarden #flowerspam

Today's effort.Not 100% happy with it to be honest but I am planning to do a couple of practice runs before I do a commission. "Sweet peas in green mug " .Pen and ink and watercolor.Size A5 .(15 X 20 cm).#watercolourink #penandinkdrawing

This morning in the garden .The orange yellow rose is called "Oranges and Lemons".I saw it with a lovely friend of mine who lives abroad, at the Hampton Court Flower Show a few years ago .She noticed I loved it and sent it to me for my birthday.So sweet, and it always reminds me of her .#inmygarden #myfrontgarden #littlestoriesofmylife

Miracle of the Internet .To connect and spread happiness.From one of my followers in Japan .Will be working on a commission for her .So sweet and lovely.#spreadalittlehappiness #artcommissions #watercolour

This afternoon in the garden .I am growing dahlias in the pot in the foreground, but as it's so boring with just green, I have planted lavender and Californian poppies in it as well .#inmygarden #myfrontgarden

Both my cats love to sleep right on top of the biggest pile of laundry or paperwork that is available, mainly to help me to cut down on stress of overwork I reckon .Here is Thomasina doing a great job ."Helpful cat on paperwork".pen and ink and ink- wash.Size A3 ( about 30 x 43 cm .) #notsohelpful #catsofinstagram #penaninkdrawing #tortoiseshellcat #tortoiseofinstagram

You know things are going ok with your art sales when you get a "Ah, you again" at the small local post office like I did today .Sent this off yesterday and some more artwork went off today .I try to make it a fun parcel to receive! So this or similar is what you can expect when you order from my Etsy shop.It makes me happy , plus brightens up the day of the people in the post office and the people who receive the parcel 👍❤#artwork #signedsealeddelivered

I am entering an online water colour painting competition which is held by Jackson's Art Supplies ,wish me luck 🙏This is a quick watercolour I did a while back of an adorable doggie called Mungo . I have always liked drawing and painting dogs , and this cutie was particularly adorable so I couldn't really resist him .Dog dad is the talented @johncarterflowers who now owns this .@jacksons_art #whitenightspaint #watercolour #penaninkdrawing

"First day out " - oil on canvas ( work in progress,)With the slightly cooler weather it's so much more enjoyable to paint right now .Not displeased overall although I realise this painting might not be to everyone's taste ( not being flowers and such 😬😉).But first ,coffee.#oilpainting #artwork #workinprogress #cowsofinstagram

Update :Sold Edit : This auction is now closed .@johncarterflowers you are the winner of this artwork auction and thank you for bidding 👍 This though I say it myself, a rather beautiful watercolour and pen and ink , and I think it would look pretty wherever you would hang it .And the extra good thing is , if you would buy it , you would help two people whose studio and life right now has been devastated by a fire that destroyed all their work, computers, sketches, photos , the lot, of the last twenty years . I am auctioning this off to raise funds so artist Zanna Hubbard and her husband and fellow artist Paul Blow will be on their feet again .There is a link to a Go fund page on the page of fellow artist @debbiegeorgeartist .Check on the next pictures the other auctions going on with other artists and please check out the Go Fund page link at @debbiegeorgeartist if you can .For now, I am auctioning this off on my Instagram page .Edit : the auction is for 24 hours .Three bids have been made , and the current bid is £100 .This watercolour measures 30 x 42 centimetres .This is an original work not a print .Please leave your bids in the comments.Thank you all ! #zannapaulauction #artwork #originalartwork @debbiegeorgeartist @zanna_hubbard @paulyblow