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Dutch artist living in Wiltshire.Website : .Email me through the website for enquiries.Shop on Etsy ⬇⬇⬇

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My only venture outside today - to check up on what remains in the garden. We are all laid low by a cough and a sore throat 😲a present of my other half's office 😥😑#inmygarden #dahlia #michaelmasdaisies

Dutch Appel taart ( Apple tart) from the apples from my garden .( Braeburne) .It really smells delicious .For anyone who is interested, the recipe is on the next photos. .I used the enclosed recipe from Taste Of Home but adapted the recipe a little,with butter instead of shortening .I also added a handful of chopped walnuts and a handful of raisins , plus some extra cinnamon and a bit of vanilla extract .Baking time : after the indicated time on the recipe , I took off the foil and baked it for another fifteen minutes on 200 degrees Centigrade.Have fun baking ❤🍎🍎#appeltaart #baking #frommyowngarden @suhedasen recipe included #tohfoodie

Serious apple overload 😲🍃🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎#frommygarden #autumn

I needed a bit more surf and waves on this painting of the South coast of Holland, but I think this is quite nice ."Coast of Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Holland".Oil on canvas board .30 X 30 cm ( commission).#oilpainting #sea #ocean #sealife #beach #wave #maritimeart #coastal #sand #marineart #marineartist #seaside

Today's flowers 💝#flowerspam #frommygarden

Today's birthday present comes c/o a cheerful otter 😬I always like to send a parcel I would love to receive myself , and the mail is so boring nowadays don't you think 😉#penandinkdrawing #seaotter #seaside

England has these huge "commons "in some places where there is no building and people had this in the past as common land, where they nowadays walk their dogs or just go for a walk .I think in Holland you call it a "Brink" but the places in Holland are so much smaller( just a bit of green in the middle of a village ) .The day was so beautiful that I wanted to enjoy the autumn colours and walked with my doggies on the Hungerford common , where they also have cattle that is free to roam ( a bit like a safari but with less danger - although you do need to keep an eye on cows too ).Such a beautiful place .Sending you sunshine from Wiltshire and some cow songs 😉#westisbest #wiltshire #hungerford

The sea in The Netherlands is not your dreamy aquamarine you see in exotic locations, more a brownish blue grey, but perfectly refreshing to swim in, especially in the late summer months .This is a near the coast in the south of Holland , in Zeeuws Vlaanderen. Huge beaches and no people . Absolutely perfect if you ask me ."Coast of Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Holland ".Oil on canvas board .30 x 30 cm ( Commission ).#oilpainting #sea #ocean #sealife #beach #wave #maritimeart #coastal #sand #marine #marineart #marineartist #seaside

Today's effort is a work in progress- relatively pleased with the top of the sky for now ."Coast of Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Holland" .Oil on canvas board, 30 X 30 centimetres .It's a commission I am working on for a lady who comes from this wide and spacious part of Holland but who lives in Amsterdam right now .#oilpainting #landscapepainting #bigskies #coastalview

Today's flowers. This is all I have right now in my garden which is not bad but it's spread so much through the borders with one flower here and there, that it's nicer in a vase . .I decided to pick my super small Dahlias instead of waiting for the frost to kill them off .#frommygarden #flowerspam #sorrynotsorry

When I drive to see my mum in the North of Holland, which is a twelve hour trip in the car from me, I always stop near the border of Belgium , in Zeeuws Vlaanderen .Very rural and remote and partly industrial with huge cargo boats going over the enormous canal between Ghent and Terneuzen.It's a well kept secret as it seems sort of unassuming at first glance but there are wide sandy beaches everywhere and the wonderful food and the wonderful towns of Belgium like Brugge And Antwerp are only a stone throw away . "Cargo boats on the Ghent- Terneuzen Canal ".Oil on canvas .30 X 30 cm ( 12 X 12 inch).#artwork #oilpainting

I fancied something small and simple today so here's a geranium in a terracotta pot for you .It's only 8x8 inch ."Geranium on table".Oil on canvas board .photo credit goes to the wonderful account of @didoquickly #oilpainting #artwork #flowerspam #pelargonium

Cargo boats on the Merwede river .Oil on canvas board, 61 X 45 cm .(Private Commission). I think I will leave this for now .Its sometimes hard to photograph a painting well, especially when the light is fading so there is actually more detail in the sky in real life .I can't display the full painting because of the square Instagram format but you can see the painting fully on my Instagram stories ❤.#commission #artwork #oilpainting #riversofholland #merwede #bigskies #dutchskies

I am super thrilled to let you know, that the painting that I donated to the auction for the Galgos del Sol( racing hounds rescue in Spain , @galgosdelsol ) has been won by Joanne Osborne from The Dog Show in Brighton (@thedogshowbrighton ) , and half of Muir and Osborne (@muirandosborne ).So thrilled! But more than anything,would you believe , the auction has raised 12.000 Euros . How wonderful is that ! #adoptdontshop #adoptadog #galgosdelsol #muirandosborne #oilpainting #whippetsofinstagram

So chic! I always love to see where my artwork ends up .Here is a beautiful arrangement at the wonderful florist @johncarterflowers with in the left corner my framed watercolour. He does amazing work for Cartier, the Savoy and many other big names . .So beautiful with all these colours together, don't you think .re-post and photo credit @johncarterflowers #watercolour #penandink #artwork

Holland is not just Amsterdam and cute canal houses .My friend Bina,whom I hope to visit in the next few months, , lives in the countryside in the far North East of the country.It's near the Waddenzee which is the furtherest North you can get .It's sort of bleak with big skies and big expanses of nothing at all .This is near her, a small harbour called Noordpolderzijl.There is a tiny harbour pub where you play draughts and drink genever with your friends while outside the winds howl .If you have ever read "Riddle of the sands " by Erskine Childers you will recognise the eerie spaciousness of this part of the world, as this whole area of low flat sea land stretches from Holland all the way to Germany .#bigskies #noordpolderzijl #oilpainting

This needs a bit more work but overall I am not displeased ."First time in the meadow" .Oil on canvas board .Work in progress.59 X 42 centimetres.#oilpainting #artwork #landlife #countrylife #countryliving #cowsofinstagram

I know there is a bit of dog- painting spam going on, but just wanted to show you the latest commission I am working on . Sometimes I think I should stop earlier on a painting and I will be very careful with this .But you can't tell me that dogs don't have a huge personality, because you can see from this that they do .This is Archie, whom I am painting for his humans as he passed away and they miss him so much . Painting Archie and observing him gives me a real feeling of what a fantastic personality he must have been .#dogsofinstagram #paintingcommission