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Dutch artist living in Wiltshire.Website : .Email me through the website for enquiries.Shop on Etsy ⬇⬇⬇

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First morning in the garden this year ( with unexpected photobomb ) #springinengland #inmygarden #littlestoriesofmylife

My apologies for the garden spam 😬I suppose I am so very thrilled winter is over ! My very first Pheasant-eye Daffodil is open ..and it seems that the pink trumpets on Narcissus "Skype" just get more and more pink every day ( on pic 2) ❤❤#springinengland #pheasanteyenarcissus bulbs all from @peter_nyssen

Today's tulips ❤🌷🌷🌷#springinengland #tulips

Evening bird song , bedroom window , Wiltshire ❤#springinengland

Just picked this up from the framers today ( the nice guys from Original Glory in Devizes - they don't have an Instagram)..quite pleased with the frame .I am planning to put it in a local group exhibition in Marlborough, glad they had it framed on time "Delft plates and glassware " 38 x 29 cm ..#oilpainting #oilsketch #artwork

Today's adventure..what a beautiful place ❤#daylesford #littlestoriesofmylife

I might leave this for now just as it is ..we will see ."Two fighting cockerels" .oil on canvas board .42 x29 centimetres . #oilpainting #artwork #cockerels #cockerelsofinstagram #fightingcockerels

I decided to go for a white or pale cream colour scheme in my front garden patch and went for tulips "Swan Wings" ( white ) in the foreground ( pic 1).(Daffodils "Mount Hood" in the background).It took so long for the tulips to come up I honestly thought they had all been eaten by the local squirrels😬.As you can see the mild weather has given them a huge growth spurt and all of a sudden they are there and I am so thrilled .On the other pictures you can see more of the borders and also Narcissus"Skype" with the pale pink trumpets .I do have parrot tulips and other coloured tulips in pots as I ran out of time and had to get the bulbs in the ground ,so instead of planting all of them in the ground, I now have a front door step full of pots and flowers #springinengland #springbulbs #thestruggleisreal

Beautiful day with lovely temperature here in Wiltshire, UK. My front garden with daffodils "Mount Hood" planted in November last year .I had zero Spring bulbs in my garden and decided once I had recovered from all my treatment to start digging and planting bulbs .🌷#daffodils #daffodilmounthood #peternyssenbulbs #littlestoriesofmylife

More progress on the two cockerels.#oilpainting #workinprogress

I saved all these from the rain , poor things ❤Photo 2 is Narcissus Skype with a beautiful pink-ish trumpet ( I got all my daffodils from @peter_nyssen and I couldn't be more thrilled) .#springinengland #aprilshowers new table cloth courtesy of a leftover bit of @vanessa_arbuthnott_fabrics I found in the cupboard this morning 👍

When my mum re- married in her fifties to my stepdad, a farmer, I got to know a lot more about farm life than previously with my dad ( an artist ).And amongst one of my fondest memories is when my mum got chickens .. actually they were ALL cockerels.So cute when they are small..but I more or less got the fright of my life when I came to see them a few weeks later and they had all turned into belligerent little men , running like crazy on strong legs, fighting and fighting and fighting. I was very sad though when they all went to be made in chicken soup ..bit of a tough one for a former towns person .So this is my tribute to those crazy little men."Two fighting cockerels " .Oil on canvas board .42 X 29 cm .(work in progress) .#oilpainting #countryliving #farmlife #cockerels #littlestoriesofmylife

Happy Friday , everyone! Because I loved having a peep at everyone else's postings regarding art versus artist, here is mine , #artvsartist

Daffodils on bedroom dresser .Oil on canvas board .42 X 29 centimetres . I think I am more or less done with this . Just out of interest: the bedroom dresser is a white painted Arts and Crafts dresser, and this is what I look at most days from my bed,: bunch of flowers from the garden, a bright pink candle in a candle stick ( just in case we get electricity black outs ), a cast iron statue of a rabbit gazing at the moon, and a tray with teapot and tea cosy in the shape of a chicken . #oilpainting #artwork #littlestoriesofmylife

Here are some stages of the daffodil painting .I was asked by one of your lovely people ( @lindseyinbrisbane ) how great it would be to see me paint .( Believe me, it wouldn't.😬I can get very upset if it does not go as I want it !Wobblers have been thrown and tears have been shed 😬😵😵)..but I do take photos of the various stages .I usually start with a sketch , then, as you can see, in the case of this painting, I started to paint the daffodils one by one , and the's a slow process .. sometimes! #thestruggleisreal #oilpainting #oilsketch

Today's tulips ❤

My Gawd 😵😵.Not displeased but this is bl**dy hard ! What the heck was I thinking choosing this as a subject to paint 😬😬" Daffodils on bedroom dresser " Oil on canvas board .30 x 40 cm .Work in progress.#thestruggleisreal #oiloncanvas

Here's a bunny for you from last year's #100daysofwatercolours challenge as I have had a busy day with nothing that is paint-related....I still quite like it and may get some prints of this on my Etsy shop later this week ..It may be raining , but it's definitely Spring .🙂👍🎉🎉🎉#springtime #bunnyrabbit #watercolour