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Deal of the (yester)day 🌺 #stillgotit

China top actress 2018 Xiaotong Guan #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

McCartney spent the day binge-watching the tournament with his daddy, and that meant momma got some time alone on this beautiful day. Swapped the stroller for a top handle Fendi satchel and even get to take a cab haha! Now, back to my babe 👶 #evachenpose

Chinese style photograph8 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

Morning ☕️ Thanks to everyone that shopped my insta stories yesterday! Packages will be on the way shortly! And keep an eye out—there may be more goodies posted today/tomorrow 👀❤️

Chinese Dong Anzi Chicken #chineseculture #Dong Anzi chicken #chinese food

On a tip from @fashion_sherlock the other day (if you love deals and don’t follow her, you should!) I rushed to #nordstromrack in search of designer refurbs...While I visited the wrong location, I certainly didn’t leave empty handed! These $790 @miumiu glitter heels came home with me for under $60 😱 Definitely one of the better deals I’ve found in a while! Before everyone asks I found these at the midtown location. I didn’t think the shoe selection (these aside, of course) was particularly strong, but there are some gems to be found in the women’s clearance section. If you have the time and patience (I had neither and still found some stuff!) you should make out well!

Two Big Things to be Grateful for Today: It’s the first day of Spring & I’m back in most of my pre-pregnancy denim!🌷👖🌼 I’m wearing @apieceapart coat via Farfetch, @iroparis sweater, @joesjeans and Design Lab for @lordandtaylor denim slides. #noretailpriceswerepaidinthemakingofthisoutfit

Patiently waiting for the Little Man to wake up so we can have our bottle and get some fresh air 🌷☀️ Wearing @sandroparis #samplesale kicks I scored from @260samplesale a couple of years ago. They are SO worn, but legit my favorite, most comfortable pair of sneakers. I need to track down another pair! #sorrygoldengoose

Walked by the 6th Ave #nordstromrack and couldn’t resist popping in for a few minutes to see what was available! I spotted some great pieces on clearance, including #lanvin flats; velvet #prada combat boots, and #cinqasept leather jackets for nearly 90% off! There’s also loads of Burberry scarves between $250 and $350. #psa

Sunday Stroll(er)ing 😊 #noretailpriceswerepaidinthemakingofthisoutfit

New Mom Uni: Sweater, Jeans , Ballet Flats & a Hands-Free Bag 💙🎒👖 I’m so excited to be back in cropped sweaters, and I added this Leith one from @nordstromrack to an order for my tiny man. It was only $24.97 and I love the color! Hope everyone has a beautiful Saturday!


11 Days 10 Hours Ago

From Me to Me 💎 Paid full-price for this, but at least I got 10% cash back via @Ebates shopping! @cvcstones


14 Days 12 Hours Ago

Count Your Blessings. Happy Monday 🙏☀️💙👶 While I’ve somehow dropped all my baby weight sans a couple of pounds (I gained about 22lbs this pregnancy), it truly is just a number on the scale. My hips have definitely widened (I think my rib age, too?!) and I’m barely squeezing into some of my stretchiest non-maternity denim. I’m sharing this because weight truly is just a number, and every body carries it differently. Other than brief walks, I’ve really let me body heal and just eaten normally (which is generally healthy.) I don’t know if my body will ever be EXACTLY the same again, and that’s okay! I’m so in awe of what it’s been through and how it’s rebounded, and please don’t assume it’s all been easy! I had a 2nd degree tear, stitches, and chronic nerve pain. I still don’t feel like myself. Whether you’re a new mom or not, just do your best and listen to your body. Be easy on yourself ❤️


14 Days 14 Hours Ago

Spring on the bottom 💙💙💙 These flats are new for Cruise ‘19 but, during the holidays, AMEX ran a promo for point redemption where Saks gift cards were 20% off. I’ve been saving points forever, and splurged on a hefty gift card. Used a portion for a new bag and the rest on these cuties.


16 Days 10 Hours Ago

New Normal 💙 I’m so excited and grateful to be a mom, but as rosy as this picture is, there are definitely moments where I feel anxious and fearful. Anxious that my life will never be the same, and fearful that I’m doing it all wrong. I know it’s just the hormones, and I’m taking it day by day. I’m excited for the spring and the two of us spending more time outside. Today was a wonderful glimpse into what is ahead 🙏 #motherhood #9dayspostpartum

McCartney was born nearly 6 days ago, and though I was home, in my bed, last Friday night, my baby wasn’t with me. He swallowed a lot of maternal blood upon delivery, and though that’s fairly common, there were certain complications in his case that precipitated admission to the NICU. It’s the last place I ever imagined finding myself, and for four days I shuffled between the hospital and home. While I was consistently assured that my baby looked healthy and strong, having him wheeled away from my bedside in a plastic box is a heartbreak I hope to never relive. I’m thankful for his care, and to have a healthy, happy baby boy that (finally!) came home with me today. Thanks to everyone that reached out with congratulatory messages and well wishes. Sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to acknowledge them yet, but I promise I will! It’s been an emotional time for our family. The rest of our lives start now 💘


25 Days 17 Hours Ago

“You might just be my everything and beyond. Beyond” ❤️❤️❤️McCartney Cooper Bloom born 6lbs, 1 oz at 12:48 am on 2/28/2019. Two weeks early, but mom and baby are both doing well!

Bag of the Night 💫 (It also comes in black + white) I scored mine at @saks, and while it wasn’t technically on sale, I did manipulate a Buy More Save More promo to make sure I got a decent deal!

To quote my husband, “that’s a cool pregnant lady dress.” 😂🤦‍♀️😳#menarefrommars

With only 7 more working days until I start a few months of maternity leave, I’ve decided to do my best to motivate myself to get my butt to the office (and wear more structured separates, like this #zara blazer doing double duty as top, while it still makes sense!) It doesn’t hurt that the weather is sunny and mild, and my preferred form of exercise, particularly during pregnancy, has been walking. Feeling all the feels! Now off to start wrapping things up ❤️