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My boy ☺️❤️ #iloveyousleepy8

🐬☀️☺️🐠💓 (when you can’t decide on a caption so you let emojis represent how u feel) what are your most used emojis???

Tryna act like I’m not using self timer..

Sending love to u beautiful humans! 😊💕 hows your day so far?

Commitment is choosing to wear a bodysuit even tho you know you gotta get completely naked every time you have to pee

Had a blast jamming out with @mattslayss & @kurtschneider to “Speechless” 🎶 check out the full video on Kurt’s Youtube channel! ❤️

Had a cool pose idea for this photo. Instead.. enjoy me failing miserably 💁🏻‍♀️

So thrilled I got to be a judge for the @vspink grl pwr project! Today they announced the 20 winners who won 10k to help execute their goals to change the world! When watching all of the entries, I was so inspired by all the beautiful young women who are helping their communities. Their passion to help the women around them thrive is truly magical ✨❤️ check out a sneak peek of the video on my ig story and head over to vs pinks YouTube channel for the final reveal of our winners! #pinkgrlpwr

5 seconds before a whole ant family tried to attack me 🐜 in other news, I’m so excited to be traveling to Prague this weekend for the @socialawards #socialawards !! Looking forward to seeing everyone there :)

🥰 Couple goals w/ babe @dtrix ••• Song: “I don’t care” by: @justinbieber @teddysphotos #comedy #trickshot #couplegoals

Mixed emotions about this whole “healthy eating” thing 🙄🥗

Feeling extra grateful for this vessel of mine that allows me to experience the beauty of life and express myself openly through love. If life is just a dream, I wanna create my own dream with all of the love and magic that I can possibly squeeze into it.. and french fries, too. K I’m done being sappy. I just love life and I love you 💕

Outfit inspiration today: a 1st grader who’s on summer vacation, and apparently really awkward at posing✌️💕

Happy Saturday loves! 💕 Some days I put extra effort into my makeup.. and then have to film it cause I’m so proud 💁🏻‍♀️

Happy Wednesday, friends ✌️💕☺️ how has your day been so far?

My lil boy 😘🐶 ps. He doesn’t love the camera... he’s just staring at the strategically placed dog treat next to my phone

First time wearing a skort since I was probably 5 👌🏼

Was really feeling my hair today.. sooo here’s the obligatory selfie to go with it ✌🏼👩🏻

What happens when we try to take “fancy”pictures 😂 Also, we wore these outfits for maybeee an hour. Happy Easter you awesome humans!!🐥

This man. I love him so much. For infinity. #iloveyousleepy8

Hi friends! Exciting news! @VSPINK is honoring the next generation of women who choose to dream BIG through the launch of their PINK GRL PWR Project! I’m so honored to be a part of this campaign, serving as a judge alongside so many inspiring women. This project will award 20 recipients with a prize to develop their own original ideas to help empower themselves and the world. HOW COOL?! Big thanks to VSPINK for allowing me to help tell this incredible story! #pinkgrlpwr 💕💪🏼 @allysonbrianna @caitlincrosby @ayakanai @payal @alliwebb @heatherhallgalle @cyllasenii @nickib146

Friendly reminder that love is everywhere. & when we focus on it, our souls shine. So go get ur freaking SHINE on man ⭐️ #kgottago #iloveyou #ilovehashtags

weeee It’s spring! 🌼🦋🌸🌹 lil throwback to this shoot with my fave @brandonwoelfel