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🔥 Setelah beberapa hari tanpa kabar dan bikin kuangeeeeennnnn, akhirnya hari ini OT4 update foto . . 🔥 Jennie yang biasa memberikan spoiler, update di CH+ "Sesuatu yang baik akan datang pada kalian dan aku" Di twitter lagi rame, mereka selalu percaya dengan apa yang dikatakan CEO Jennie daripada CEO YG 😂😂 . . 🔥 Selain Jennie, Jisoo juga sering memberikan spoiler. Jennie dan Jisoo mengatakan bahwa lightstick BP akan segera dirilis. Coming Soon Jennie n Jisoo lebih dipercaya dari pada Coming Soon babe YG 😂😂✌ . . #blackpink

Okay, who knew a protein Shake could actually keep me feeling so satisfied 💪These shakes are great for cravings @flattummyco They’re good for after the gym too cause they’re packed with 20 grams of protein, so If you guys haven’t already, you should check them out

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⚘ Foto: @pedroggualberto Beleza: @alcilenevieiraa Styling: @caioviitors . #photoshooting

From book "Special mood" ;)

obviously there’s still a lot of healing left to do and swelling to go down cause i’m only 1 week post op but i am SO happy with how it looks :) i am the happiest boy in the world and i am so thankful for this. i feel so free i and so happy i don’t even have words omg 😭😭❤️❤️ here’s to being free in my own skin ❤️😭

احلى بنات

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Anali Sanchez 🌹

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You can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice 🎶


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liat yang Cantik guys @ayutingting92

Videodaki Qeribelik Nedir ?))) #chinkachukvideo


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The reality of the top hit song #Gerua! It was super damn cold but this everlasting Jodi made it look effortless 😍 | #Dilwale . . . #srk #shah #shahrukh #shahrukhkhan #king #kingkhan #srkfan #srkians #KingOfBollywood #kingofromance #baadshah #bollywoodking #baadshshofbollywood #iceland #srkajol

. Huraaaayyy Nambah lagi garisnyaaaaaa . Selamat yaaaa babang ricky Besok minceu ikutan ke dokter ahhhh . Siapa tau dapat jodoh 😁😁


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When they think you have time... ⛔️ top @prettylittlething

dalandofmilkandhoney Follow: @beautifullyprettywomen @beautifullyprettywomen @beautifullyprettywomen _ Model: @persias.paradise

Gir- hey


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What’s good doe?!