I just found these man. Throw back !!! 2014 yo! Me,My nephew. And Best Friend of All Time.. Me & him been best homies since day 1. Kicking it wit eachother everyday.. Im glad he has a family and working hard.. And im still getting my life together.. but whenever we see eachother its All Love.. From living in the ghetto ass apartments. PLAYING basketball everyday outside, Then running inside to play NBA 2k. Your brother Lawrence giving me haircuts. Sharing clothes to be swagged out for school. Endless sleepovers. Memories i wont forget...this dude was always here for a 'nigga' and i will always have his back. #realshit #onelove #childhoodmemories #allidoiswin #weusetoplaygooddopemusic #everymorning #beforeschool #bestfriendsforever #thatsmynigga .. everything man i wont forget thanks for being there for me man
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