NEWS FLASH!!... if you missed last night’s episode, check the link in my bio to find out why my friend and teacher @lulumz is a hero!! We had some great discussions about immigration and why these DACA negotiations are so important!! Will YOU be on the job??? 💡💡💯 . . #daca #tps #immigration #losangeles #teacher #america #latenight #democracy #immigration #citizenship @trevornoah @lastweektonight @thedailyshow @viceland @vicenews @splcenter
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Sunday Note 💭: Remember that everything starts from a DREAM . 🦋Dreams are to motivate you to become the best version of yourself and to accomplish your biggest goals ! So NEVER stop dreaming of the best life you want for yourself. Thoughts become actions , and those actions become your REALITY! 💯 🙏🏻 - HAVE A GOOD DAY MY DREAMERS! 😘

Masya Allah di sana banyak orang yang mencintai mu ya habibana dan kami disini sangat merindukan mu ya habibana 💕😍😄 . Rapatkan barisan untuk mengawal beliau dan semoga beliau selamat sampai di Tanah Air Indonesia.. Aamiin Ya Rabb 😄 . #pecintahabaib

Let’s go for it. 🥊 #boxingstars #doitforthefun

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Ima fix my iPad so I can download the app, i will be honored to talk about this important matter, and I thank you for discussing the topic, my brothers @bigkrcarter and @ronve_music doing big things

@bigkrcarter @bklyn_rene #cosign that my brotha 🇭🇳✊🏿

Kyle Carter
2018-01-17 12:12:02

@bklyn_rene we gonna get you on here to rep Honduras 🇭🇳 here real soon!!!

Lulu Meraz
2018-01-17 10:41:57

You’re amazing!! Thank you for inviting to talk on your show!!