Came over from Barcelona✈️ #chocolate #cacaosampaka #barcelona #spain #カカオサンパカ #バルセロナ #スペイン
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Happy Sunday ❤❤❤ . #rahasiagadis #rahasiagadisquotes

#selfie 🌸🙂

January 19th. • I only had time to take one photo for today’s cover (we all know a good selfie takes 100 attempts...) so this was the first and last try - a bit out of focus, but it’ll do! Apart from a couple of hiccups this afternoon, today was wonderful. It was lovely seeing friends and playing (losing) at glow-in-the-dark golf! Also, you don’t know pressure until you’re at an Italian restaurant and your Italian friend orders her food without butchering the pronunciation of the meals... leaving you to sound like an uncultured swine! • Today’s song: Black Magic by Little Mix (a song vastly underrated, I might add.) Follow my ‘365: January’ playlist on Apple Music and Spotify, updated daily.

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