Seldom runnable but one of the best in the southwest. #getsome #sanrafaelswell #packrafting #utah
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Great photo🙌

5 Days 8 Hours Ago


Will Wickert
5 Days 14 Hours Ago

Probably one of the best ever years to run that thing and I haven't the skills or be proper gear to do this yet. That and the logistics make this a difficult one

6 Days 9 Hours Ago

Looks incredible! We went back down this weekend too.

6 Days 12 Hours Ago

Awesome runoff! So many rivers and creeks to paddle.

Danny Oldroyd
6 Days 19 Hours Ago

We were there with you if you went Saturday! Fun float!

Cool 👍

Missed you by a day. It seems like that happens way too often!

Rob Barton
7 Days 9 Hours Ago

Did you come down through Music Canyon or Tomsich Butte? It's a long hike, but it looks like a sick float.

That log jam! 👊

Dave Card
7 Days 10 Hours Ago

That is one we plan on hitting next year. Just got back from Swazzy rapid area on the green and it’s getting way to crowded the last couple years. I’d go this year but have a week at Powell then home for 2 weeks then 17 days floating the Grand Canyon. Good kinda busy for the next 6 weeks!

Ryan Wyble
7 Days 10 Hours Ago

Single day trip or multi day?

I mean, it’s cool if you like epic water in the desert...pff.

Emily Cannon
7 Days 13 Hours Ago


Mike Jones
7 Days 14 Hours Ago

They're all great, but that third photo is so cool!

Nice shots. Great to meet you after just having discovered your Instagram feed. Cheers.

@zak88h I'd say no but that depends on your experience. A small, durable, reliable craft is required with the skills to navigate on the fly.

Zak Harrison
7 Days 14 Hours Ago

Any spots that were real sketchy???