Thank you to @priverevaux for the new shades🙏🏼
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Tomorrow off to cologne 😇😄 See you there 😊

NAH LOO KECEPLOSAN SAYANG RELL😋😋 GPP KOK GPP..TERUSIN AJA RELL...😘😘😍 @Regrann from @bramastavrl - Thank you STJC lovers for the love & support. “Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta” setiap hari 18.00 @sctv - #regrann

@ozunapr is like a brother to me i got sooo much love for this guy.He don’t even know how much this song touches me ,when I’m heartbroken this my tear jerker song .Amazing artist ... #calibash !! #staplecenter

:: C A N D I D ::

Had an Amazing time in Delhi with LIKE team😍❤️🌹 @like_app_official 💗