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Part two of my Seattle adventures - this was gorgeous! How do I get a Chihuly glass garden in my backyard? #chihulygardenandglass #seattle

Bravery level 100 as I ventured to the top of the Space Needle, allowing the children to stand at the edge, not because it's a better view for them but for my own safety lest the glass broke. Spoiler alert: I survived and got some great views of the city. #seattle #spaceneedle

Why am I wearing big boots and my glow worm Northface coat in 80 degree Austin?! Cause I'm headed to Alaska!! #imcoldalready #snowinapril

This Edward Scissorhands costume from last night's Tim Burton roast with @masterpancaketheater was 🔥. And reminded me of how much I love this movie. #edwardscissorhands #timburton #masterpancake

I love having a @littlefreelibrary at my house! Every time I check on it, the books inside are completely different and I love catching people picking out books! #books #read #littlefreelibrary

What do we think is going on here? #superhero

I have always loved Chinatowns. Growing up, my mom would take us there for dim sum and I loved it - any time I'm in a city with a large Asian population, I make sure to visit those areas - and that often means there's a Chinatown. So of course, I was thrilled to learn that Vancouver has one of the largest Chinatowns in N. America. Imagine my surprise when I saw all of these low ratings with references to drugs, homelessness, not being tourist-friendly (side note: aren't us millennial travelers supposed to eschew touristy places and seek out "authentic experiences"?) But that aside, the blatant racism and demand that an entire community put on a show for white tourists is disgusting. The reason that we have so many Chinatowns across the US is that in the mid-1800's, many Chinese people moved to the US to work on the US transcontinental railroad. The US loved this and even signed a treaty to bring more Chinese to the US. But then the economy in California faltered and who did we blame? The Chinese immigrants for taking our jobs (we love doing that in the US). Then we passed a bunch of laws to make it harder for them to be real citizens - they couldn't own property or marry non-Chinese people. Chinatowns were literally the only community they had. The fact that so many of them have become tourist destinations speaks to the strength and industriousness of these communities. But they don't exist for white tourists. They exist for the people who live in them and run businesses in them because until not that long ago, this was the only safe community where they could work. After WE brought them here to work for US (again, sound familiar?) And this doesn't actually matter, but I felt perfectly safe in Chinatown. I saw a few homeless people there. I also saw a few homeless people on Robson Street yesterday (one of the fanciest streets in Vancouver). I saw no drug use in Chinatown. I smelled pot all over Robson Street. So I have no idea what these reviews are talking about. I personally would recommend that everyone visit and get some yummy food, check out the shops, and definitely visit the beautiful gardens. #drsunyatsengarden #chinatown #vancouver

I love that they dedicated an entire store front to this book, The Unauthorized Trump Guide to Spirituality. #donaldtrump #vancouver

Bonnie Dilber

17 Days 13 Hours Ago

It's true love for @lexiethegoldendoodle and Lincoln. #doodledate #doodlesofinstagram

Bonnie Dilber

29 Days 12 Hours Ago

I know these are just costumes for @overthelege but should this be my every day look? #overthelege #90spopstar #cowgirl #texas

My office for today is a shared co-working/doggy day care space and I'm just sad that I didn't invent this first. #dogsatwork #dogsofinstagram #goldendoodlesofinstagram

In honor of my balloon animal class with @jessicaarjet, I wore my balloon animal pants. #balloonanimals #unicorn #unicornballoon #hideouttheatre

I definitely need more hats in my life. #hat #happybirthdaystephanie #ladieswhobrunch #fancy #featherinmycap

I am playing in the fluffy snow for the first time in over a year. I would like to thank the guy at @enterprise_inspires for giving me a car with all-wheel drive and seat warmers, @thenorthface for making the warmest, fluffiest of coats, and @ugg for keeping my toes unfroze. #denver #snow #socold

Second day working from a co-working space. Both spots were dog-friendly and I'm in love with this concept. This buddy cocked her head every time I talked to her! 😍🐶#dogsofinstagram #dogsatwork #impacthubaustin

@lexiethegoldendoodle loves the new dress her grandma got her. #goldendoodle #goldendoodlesofinstagram #nicolemiller

@lexiethegoldendoodle had a great first day at @austindogtopia!