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The realest of deals, y'all. @the_tillers are taking us all to school (and church) Nov 3rd at our 3rd annual @norfolkfest at @oconnorbrewing, free and benefiting @forkids repost via @instarepost20 from @the_tillers Headin’ South this weekend! 10/26 Johnson City, TN / @thewillowtreejc 10/27 Winston-Salem, NC / @muddycreekcafeandmusichall #thetillers #livemusic #originalmusic #stringband #folk #bluegrass #oldtime #banjo #fiddle #johnsoncity #tennessee #winstonsalem #northcarolina . . #repost @nate__burrell with @get_repost ・・・ @the_tillers last night at @atomiccowboystl #livemusic #thegoodstuff #capturedonmycellulartelephonemobilecallingdevice

One week from Saturday! Our 3rd annual NorFOLK Festival, totally free, at @oconnorbrewing. @the_tillers will be blowing eveyone's mind grapes headlining the outdoor stage. Can't wait.

Our (free!) 3rd annual @norfolkfest with @the_tillers, @thedanieldonato, @brandonlee_adams, and over 20 roots music acts is just around the corner.

A great time at @zeidersadt with Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music for the Protheus Festival last night. We'll be back at Zeider's in VA Beach Town Center real soon (December, to be exact), but more on that later. We'll wait until after @norfolkfest to begin spamming. 📸: @shananicholephotography

We're at @zeidersadt at VA Beach Towncenter tonight at 7pm for today's Proteus Festival, then catch @kishi_bashi at 8! Music all day and evening from our good friends @mikelawson_music, @dustinfurlow, and many others. . . #hrva #vabeach #proteusfestival #757

One month from tomorrow! Our 3rd annual @norfolkfest at @oconnorbrewing with @the_tillers, @thedanieldonato, and over 20 other acts. All free and benefiting @forkidsva . . . . . #norfolkfestival #norfolkfest #nfkfest #nfkfestival #hrva #vaisformusiclovers

To any potential Knoxvillagers reading: we will be coming back Wednesday, Jan 2nd performing at @wdvx at noon and @preservationpub at 10. We hope that fellow with the buttery Johnny Cash voice shows up again. #knoxrox #knoxville #knoxvilletn #wdvx #wdvxblueplatespecial #blueplatespecial #reallivemusic

Excited to play the Proteus Festival right here in Va Beach with homies old (@mikelawson_music @dustinfurlow @lucaburga ) and new! Saturday, October 6th at 7pm at @zeidersadt (full schedule below). repost via @instarepost20 from @zeidersadt 🧜‍♂️📢PROTEUS ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT📢🧜‍♂️Announcing all of our Proteus Festival TFAM (Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music) music performances taking place on October 6&7: Saturday: Two Hand Touch: 11:00-11:45am Mike Lawson: 12:00-1245pm Tammy Gardner: 1:00-1:45pm Sporting Molly: 2:00-2:45pm Cole Prior Stevens: 3:00-3:45pm Dustin Furlow: 4:00-4:45pm Luca Burgalissi: 5:00-5:45pm Matt Thomas: 6:00-6:45pm Brackish Water Jamboree: 7-8:30pm Sunday: Bobby “Blackhat” Walters: 2:00-4:00pm Get your 3 day badge or wrist bands on sale now at . #virginiabeach #vbtowncenter #virginiabeachtowncenter #loveva #hamptonroads #proteusfestival #localmusic #tidewaterfriendsofacousticmusic #tfam

Good time in Newport Nam at @boathouselive. Thanks to all of the homies.

Ben spinning @the_tillers for a few years since seeing them on @liveandbreathing. Couldn't be more honored and excited to bring them to our hometown to headline the 3rd annual @norfolkfest. Come treat your soul, Sat. Nov. 3rd on the grounds of @oconnorbrewing for free fall festival full of fiddles, banjos, and pedal steel. repost via @instarepost20 from @the_tillers @whispering_beard, you have our hearts forever❤️ ・・・ . . . . #norfolkfestival #norfolkfest #nfkfest #nfkfestival #nfk #hamptonroads #hrva #vaisformusiclovers #loveva #

Video reposted from @thedanieldonato, master #cosmiccountry shredder, all the way from Nashville, will be a featured performer (along with his ninja turtles) at our 3rd annual @norfolkfest (free, family-friendly, and benefiting @forkidsva) at @oconnorbrewing on Saturday, Nov. 3rd, with many other local, regional, and national roots acts. Follow him for the full appreciation of what he's bringing to #hamptonroads

Our foreal homie's going to be gone for a while. @tayvert is going to be setting sail in the high seas for a few months. Come to our show tomorrow at @stuftstreetfood at 6pm in Hampton to give him a memorable sendoff. We're definitely all going to cry.

Another Sega Dreamcast resolution video from last week at @wdvx in School of Hard Knoxville. Here's a clip from our song "North of Old Virginia"

Just a reminder to everyone that these pictures of @weslikestacos exist and his parents paid money for them.

Here's a clip of our song "Whiskey & Wine" (recorded with a baked potato) from our last performance on @wdvx

Whether you're gluing a banjo back together or getting your saddle sanded down, this gentle soul is your dude. Larry at @musicgoround_vabeach is the best and most affordable around.

We call @tayvert Otto cause he drives the bus (in a @appalachianmountainbrewery hat)

"I mean, who are da five greatest rappers of all time? Dylan... Dylan... Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan."