With @shotshow coming up, I figured it might be time to do something special. Within the next 48 hours, we will be announcing the details of our Agency Arms custom slide giveaway. I just have to make sure I get the verb-age right. But to give you a little advance info, the value of this giveaway will be upwards of $800! We’re pretty excited about this! Keep your eyes on us, you won’t want to miss this giveaway! #glock #agencyarms #customslides #welcometothebrotherhood #agencyarmsglock #buildprotectstack #slidework #pewpew #marksmanship #givaway
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If you look close enough at this picture you will realise my father is deep in thought while @anilskapoor Chachu looks ahead... my father has always thought a lot thought about others, how to help them, how to make things better for them, for his people, his friends, his family & his enemies even... in all these years I have tried to make him realise it’s time to become selfish & think of yourself first, but he’s a king my father, he can never change his impulse to help and be there for others... Happy Father’s Day to the most selfless man I know.. I’m proud to be ur son... @anshulakapoor @janhvikapoor @khushi05k

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