. It is interesting to note that the number of roses you send or receive has meaning . So before you unintentionally upset or mislead someone check it out :- . 1 Rose means Love at First Sight 2 Roses means Mutual Feeling 3 Roses means I Love you 6 Roses means Do you Love me ? 7 Roses means I’m Infatuated with You! 9 Roses means Together as Long as we Live! 10 Roses means You’re Perfect ! 11 Roses means You’re my treasured One! 12 Roses means Be My Valentine ! 13 Roses means Forever Friends ! 15 Roses means I’m really sorry ! 20 Roses means I’m sincere towards You ! 21 Roses means I’m committed to You ! 24 Roses means Do you still love me ? 36 Roses means I’ll remember our romantic moments 40 Roses means My Love is Genuine 48 Roses means Passion! 99 Roses means I’ll love you till the day I die 100 Roses means I’m totally devoted to you ! 101 Roses means You’re my one and only 108 Roses means Will you marry me ? . #knowledge #flowerboykl #flowerbouquetkl #99roses #flowerporn #freshflowers #allaboutroses #spreadlove #floristkl
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