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i’ve been studying relentlessly all week - well for trivia... The Office trivia to be exact. aka I’ve been binging my favorite show... but for a it’s okay.

i've always been told, it's not about the gear you use it's about who's using it...⠀ -⠀ that's true to an extent but... have you ever tried shooting a concert at f3.5? good luck. i've bought a new lens since then that's phenomenal but for it to be as fantastic as it is... it weighs like 5 pounds.⠀ -⠀ with that being said, for someone who shoots primarily in low light...what camera do you guys recommend? (probably switching to a sony so let me know if you have any recs in that family). love u fam ❤️

i haven't been taking pictures long but sometimes i'll scroll through my feed and be amazed at how far i've come⠀ -⠀ it can be intimidating at times to see photographers that are at a whole other creative level than me but i constantly remind myself to take things one step at a time⠀ -⠀ it's hard to imagine where you'll be 5 years from now or even one year from now... but something you can imagine is where you'll be tomorrow & as long as i see progress from my work day by day, then i'm happy.⠀ -⠀ photographers should be your inspiration not your intimidation. take life one step at a time and you won't believe how far you'll go ✌️

i'll admit it, my consistency on here has gone to 💩 but i want to change that.⠀ -⠀ while i know, people like to take social media fasts, clear their heads, and focus on being in the present...i on the other hand, feel challenged to create daily and continue to push my self and my limits.⠀ -⠀ i find that it's YOU GUYS - when i'm feeling lazy or uninspired - that push me to continue creating and putting my work out there.⠀ -⠀ with that being said, i plan on being much more consistent on here + continuing to share my story with you✌️

one of my favorite shots from this show to end this series with @c_french - check out his music in my bio if you haven’t already ❤️ - who remembers my daily stories? should i do those again? 👍👎

it’s been a week now living in the city so heres an update: I still don’t have a bed and I just got a fan yesterday. I’ve truly been living the New York life sleeping on my roommates floor 😂 - I truly am loving it here though because everyone I meet just tells me “it’s all part of the story” and I’ve never met so many people just hustling all day, every day. - they may have already reached their goals but the work never ends & they don’t want it to end. I feel at home here.

wow - hard to believe this was the first concert of the tour. @c_french you’re going places. if christian is in a city near you - get you some tickets 🙌 - link to his new song in my bio ❤️

update: i’ve officially moved into my new home in new york city! - in other news... my bed won’t be here for 2 weeks 😳😂

if it wouldn’t be frowned upon, i’d post every picture i took from this photoshoot... - oh & starting tomorrow, i’ll be living in new york 😳 soooo if you’re located in the big city 🍎 let’s meet up!

got to be the second shooter for this amazing shoot with @stainedlens and @elle_rovenstine - it’s super fun having another photographer at a shoot with you because they push your limits and show you all new creative ways to shoot that you wouldn’t have ever thought about before. - you may not get to shoot with someone as cool as Jeremy but I guarantee (no matter how long you’ve been taking pictures) you’ll learn something new.

who else do you know that plays the guitar, saxophone, and flute all in one show?? - who knew that after getting on SoundCloud and finding “stolen moments” in april (and picking up a camera not long before that) that i’d one day be shooting this show 🙌 - never give up ❤️

trying this whole artsy thing out - let me know what you guys think 🤷🏼‍♀️

one of the last shows i’ll shoot here in nashville + definitely one for the books - check out @cautiousxclay new album in my bio (one of the nicest and most talented person i know) - p.s. check out my story if you want to see the video im working on for him 📹

i love when a photoshoot just turns into us goofing off. i think sometimes people think photoshoots mean they should stop acting like themselves - but my favorite shoots are the ones where people are comfortable enough to bring out MORE of themselves.

i long for a day where we no longer get excited for Labor Day... - that the work we do brings us so much joy & excitement that we can’t imagine taking a day off - a day that we no longer dread the idea of returning to work after the holiday but instead our excitement is so uncontainable that it spreads to all the people around us - this day will come when we stop living our lives in someone else’s shoes and we start responding to our calling and passion - whatever it is that you want to do with your life... it’s 2018.... no excuses, make it happen ❤️✌️

swipe to see golden hour do its work 🙌 - @sir.noahjack is new to nashville - if you like his music, then make sure to drop a nice message into his DM’s ❤️❤️ - spread some love on this beautiful sunday

curious... what kind of music do you guys listen to? comment your favorite artist/genre ✌️

fun fact: this band is known as Just Seconds Apart (@jsamusic) ... and they’re triplets 😳!! so much talent in one family... who were these kid’s parents??