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English Bulldog living in the Chicago suburbs and little Henry who lives in Lakeview is featured as well! Follow our adventures! 2/11/13 & 6/5/15

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On the lookout for turkeys 🦃#thanksgivingweek #gooblegooble

I need a Do Not Disturb sign. #rainraingoaway

Rain. Rain. Go away. Come back in the Spring. ☔️

My sisters came home and got me a new pair of Christmas socks 🎄🙄

Snowy FriYay in Chicago today 😲 I'll be inside if you need me!

Throwback to last week when my sister dressed Henry and I in alternating costumes. Who made a better pirate and Dino?

Finally stopped raining so Mom n Dad took me out for a walk!

Yayyyy it's FriYay! Btw this is my happy face 😃

I swear Henry's Mom came over yesterday just to bother me.... 🙄

Henry's wearing my cow costume from 4 years ago.... not sure if I should be offended that it's too big on him 🤔#grumpydino #happycow

A cow and a dinosaur walk into a bar..... Happy Halloween friends! 👻 🎃 #frenchcow #englishdino

Henry came over for a visit.... again 🙄

Happy (almost) Halloween from Georgie Denbrough 🎈#weallfloatdownhere #it 🤡

I heard Henry is coming over later tonight. Gotta rest until his arrival 😴😴

Rainy day in Chicago. Can anyone guess what Henry's going to be for Halloween? Hint: 🎈#weallfloatdownhere

Happy Birthday to the twins! They were too busy eating cake that they forgot to get photos and videos of us! But don't worry, Henry's coming back to visit me on Friday!

A nice little October snooze in the sun 🤗 ☀️

Nope. I'm not smiling for the camera till you give me some treats!

Great Fall day for some swimming 🍂🍁💦

Just wait patiently Henry. Mom went to #marianos so the refrigerator is getting all stocked!

Happy Friday friends!!! Why is Henry here?

High fives!! 👋🏼 Go Cubbies!! ⚾️ 🐻💙

Happy#throwbackthursday to when I was looking for more nachos after last years #worldseries win! Good luck to the #chicagocubs tonight! #flythew

Henry won't let his Mom watch #secretlifeofpets 😂😂

Sometimes, I sit pretty on the patio so someone will serve me snacks at the table. Let's go Mom! I'm starving. 🍔 🍟 🍕🌭🍗

Watching the Chicago Marathon from the comfort of my couch. Good luck runners!! I think I'll eat 26.2 treats to celebrate with you all!! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽 #chicagomarathon

Hey Cleatus and Opie, let us know if you guys need some tips on your Best Man speeches!!! Henry and I got this down! Congrats again Ethan and Rachel! 💍 👰🏼🤵🏼💐🐶🐶 @emann0007 @r3211m

Game 1 ✅ Go Cubs!! #flythew #gocubs #gocubsgo 🐻 🐶

Why buy a rumba when I can do a better job cleaning up!?! #dontforgettovenmome #idontworkforfree

Hey. Down here kid! Throw me some peas!

Happy Birthday, Dad!! I'll take a glass of the dessert wine please 🍷 🎈

Does anyone else's little black hamster chew on the end of pillow? Cause this one does. #myweirdnephew 🤔

What exactly does "Dog Days of Summer" mean when it's September 24th and the first day of Fall was 2 days ago? #askingforafriend #itswarmforseptember #imgoingtocomplainaboutthecoldcomejanuary ☀️🍂