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Fresh take on heavily photographed Emerald Lake by @darren_umb Way to put in the work! Curated by @paulzizkaphoto #canadiancreatives

Stunning shot of a yellow-headed blackbird by @stephenshikaze Stephen has a wonderful collection of wildlife images. Curated by @paulzizkaphoto #canadiancreatives

What a capture by @4elementphotos - just brilliant. Shane is out of BC and does great work. Check him out. Curated by @paulzizkaphoto #canadiancreatives

Absolutely beautiful image by @chelseylawrencephotography, perfect leading lines and colours! Curated by @joelrobison for #canadiancreatives

An absolutely incredible portrait by our own @waynesimpsonphoto . Such a powerful image! Curated by @joelrobison for #canadiancreatives

Incredible colours and mood in this shot by @argenel ! Congrats to the @raptors for their win last night! Curated by @joelrobison for #canadiancreatives

Beautiful milky way image over Crowfoot Glacier! So much mystery in those stars! Image by @renaud_cheyrou Curated by @joelrobison for #canadiancreatives

I’m seeing a lot of beautiful red fox images with our hashtag! Hard to choose which to share, but the backlit, cuteness overload here was too good not to! Great capture @chelseylawrencephotography . . . Curated by @viktoriahaack . . #canadiancreatives #redfox #fox #wildlifephotography

Beautiful macro image by @annejutras . . Curated by @viktoriahaack . #canadiancreatives #macro #nature #blossom

Simple yet very strong image from Newfoundland by @cjonesphoto . . Curated by @viktoriahaack . #canadiancreatives #seascape #newfoundland

Wonderful mood & sense of scale in this shot of North Vancouver by @jmacphotobc . . Curated by @viktoriahaack . #canadiancreatives #mood #northvan

Hard to resist this gorgeous red fox image by @valerie_deromemasse . . Curated by @viktoriahaack . #canadiancreatives #redfox #fox