Bon dia desde El Quiosc de L'Alba. Amigolibro... ESE PAÍS AL QUE TE PARECES. Tobie Nathan. #leeceporro #leernoduele #amigolibro #quioscdelalba #batallapower #esepaisalquetepareces #tobienathan #maeva
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Biasmu masuk dua daftar itu tydack?🙃🙃🙃

Humans shy away from their (im)perfect state of nakedness in fear that the world will see us for our flaws. For fear of rejection. Throw back to that snagged silk or that bruised banana that made Momma grimace in horror. Never forget, the finest Silk gets snagged too. And so here we are, raw as silk, bruised bananas, snagged and puckered, wrinkled and fuckered. But still, beautiful in just the right light. The search for Perfection is an illness, it is, the cancer of true beauty. (Music by @lizzobeeating messy room by me)


Dreamer 🗯 what’s yours?

@lovingtanofficial out here saving lives

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#leeceporro !!!

Bon dia i bon dissabte!!!#leeveporro !!!