Bon dia desde El Quiosc de L'Alba. Amigolibro... ESE PAÍS AL QUE TE PARECES. Tobie Nathan. #leeceporro #leernoduele #amigolibro #quioscdelalba #batallapower #esepaisalquetepareces #tobienathan #maeva
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proses dipertemukannya emak dan babeh .

Six Canadians have qualified for USAC Youth Bouldering Nationals in Salt Lake City, UT next month - five of whom landed on a podium. . . Indiana Chapman, Oscar Baudrand and Cole MacLeod came away with victories at their Divisional Championship. Results for all eleven Canadians below: . 🇨🇦 Qualified for USAC Youth Nationals: Indiana Chapman (B) - 1st, Div 5 Cole MacLeod (D) - 1st, Div 7 Oscar Baudrand (C) - 1st, Div 3 Riley Galloway (B) - 2nd, Div 5 Victor Baudrand (B) - 3rd, Div 3 Evangelina Briggs (C) - 4th, Div 5 . . 🇨🇦 Results not Qualifying for USAC Nationals: Yinki Ying (A) - 7th Jacob Galloway (D) - 9th Sean Faulkner (J) - 9th Emi Takashiba (B) - 9th Taylor Galloway (C) - 10th . . Impressive that all 11 athletes finished inside the Top 10 at their Divisional Championship. 💪. . . USAC Youth Nationals are Feb 11-13, and CEC Youth Nationals are Feb 17-19 in St-Foy, Quebec. . . Video of Indiana Chapman crushing this Finals problem by @blaiselove . . @indiana.chapman @ontarioclimbingfederation


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#leeceporro !!!

Bon dia i bon dissabte!!!#leeveporro !!!