Bon dia desde El Quiosc de L'Alba. Amigolibro... KURT COBAIN Y NIRVANA. BLUME. #leeceporro #leernoduele #amigolibro #batallapower #batallapower #quioscdelalba #nirvana #kurtcobain
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#clicklinkinbio #gofundme A homie post up a gofundme and everybody and they mother start commenting out of a dark place and remembering there past on how they didn’t get help one day. How can anyone begin to compare struggles and fight for who should get help or not. I got people upset at me because “I have reach” and my gofundme will be seen by people and I’ll receive help they never did for their toenail surgery. Listen, that’s one of the sickest mentalities i feel people could ever have and it sends a horrible message across the board. If someone’s home burnt down do they not deserve help because Maria in Africa needs to gather money for her grandmothers funeral? If someone’s dog is dying and needs help does the dog not get support because Jennifer in Connecticut decided to have 3 babies and she can’t afford pampers or milk? Keep in mind this is not to make light or a joke of anyone’s struggle and situations. On gofundme there’s categories for artists, medical, animals, music, charities, etc. The other day I saw someone get $1,000 just cause he wanted a new microwave. How do I look going to that man and kicking him around, telling him he should be ashamed. How do i go to someone and tell them they don’t deserve the help and it’s a stupid cause because Juan in Mexico needs to pay his dentist bill. This is really ridiculous. You can’t help or support anything you want anymore now it’s a competition of who needs it more. Now it’s a jealousy competition of “when i needed a gofundme for my left knee cap no one helped me, but you get help for a laptop” like wow how upset are you though? Maybe that’s exactly why you ain’t get help, humble yourself down and care for others learn to hear people out and find out why they need that help for real. Instead you’re mad and sit in someone’s comments trying to convince other strangers not to help them. 99% of the people who love to mention starving kids or people dying never helped those starving or dying people ever. I want to see receipts of these donations to all these causes you love to throw at others to make it seem like their cause isn’t worth shit. Very sad.

Birşey mi dedin dayı 😂 Bu tabi sadece benim iç sesim olsun 🙈 Yaman’a yakıştıramam kabadayiligi 😂 O tam bir beyefendi olacak ( amin ) 😊🙏🏼 • 📸

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Murah cuah... 😂

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