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Going away for a ridiculously long while in search of some well-deserved me time, so I thought I might be a wee bit homesick. Well that thought completely dissipated when I had a flight delay, landed with torrential showers, hailed a cab but the driver went off the wrong highway exit and I ended up missing the train. Did I mention the next train is at 7 am tomorrow? I really have zero interest in staying the night, but let’s try to go with the flow and be spontaneous for once, okay? 💩

Wake me up when September ends

you make my heart feel like it’s summer

Ikigai / 生き甲斐 - a reason for being, a reason to get up in the morning. As someone whose default mode is melancholic, I struggle every day to be at peace with who I am. But happiness is a lifelong quest - it’s about the discovery, the hope, the curiosity. It’s the pact to be kinder to yourself and to embrace whatever comes your way. So keep trying, keep learning. One day, you’re going to see it and it’s going to be worth the fight. #hywoutofhk #hywinjapan

Don’t look backwards or you’ll fall down the stairs. 421 steps to be precise. Not to mention that you’ll wind up on the wrong side of the valley with nothing resembling civilisation at all... Trust me I learned it the hard way ⛰ #hywoutofhk #hywintaiwan

sometimes I wish you would meet me halfway #hywinhk

I remembering staying till the very end to time this shot and having to catch a taxi back (which I rarely ever do) for a last-minute shower before my flight to combat the 100% humidity 💦 #hywoutofhk #hywintaiwan

. 「溫馨宵夜 比賽歡呼 瘋狂痛哭擁抱 交心拍拖上莊 練波練歌練戲 練跑練水練舞 練嘴練命或許 一切隨著一夜哭了結 只要曾掀動思潮 還悔什麼 掌握今夕 繼續浪漫 尋夢醉」 #森馬

不是世界選擇了你,是你選擇了這個世界。 #hywinhk

Massive throwback to pecha kucha, polo mints, werewolves, cultural shocks and boozy nights. Also cue stressful nights on adrenaline rush, the heavy weight of 7 books, and moving from the crisp chill on the Bund to the humidity of Singapore. When it comes to the small fraction of people I will make an effort to meet again, I keep wondering if I have done something good to deserve comraderie and colleagues like them. Thank you for bringing out the best in me, again and again. Until next time. 🖖🏻 #scbworkshop2018

Before I caught a hanoi-ing gastric flu that made my trip totally un-pho-gettable 🤢 #scbworkshop2018 #hywinvietnam

When people ask me how I ended up with that awkward off-shoulder burn... #hywoutofhk #hywintaiwan

Casted an undetectable extension spell to fit my new baby in #hywoutofhk #hywintaiwan

Orange you glad it’s finally TGIF? 🍊 #hywoutofhk #hywintaiwan

Turn your face towards the sun and catch it bouncing off all the right places ✨ #hywoutofhk #hywintaiwan

Wishing for happiness and more food in this paws-perous Year of the Dog! 🐶

人面桃花相映紅🌸 #hywinhk

I think it’s time to take a heart break (and go for cheesy puns instead) 💗