Parte del entreno,descanso consciente,visualizando con el objetivo en mente.Que todo fluya que nada influya.#ilovemuaythai #vidasana #stronggirlh #tenerifelicidad #siemprefuerte #tailandia #proximoobjetivos #campeonadeeuropa#campeonadeespaña#subcampeonadelmundo
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Photo by @FransLanting Millions of Monarch butterflies are on their way back again to the USA from wintering grounds in Mexico. It’s an epic migration. They cover thousands of miles and reproduce as they go along. They will recolonize North America from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Coast. But at the end of summer, newborn Monarchs fly south and gather at one place in the mountains of southern Mexico where they hibernate for the winter. They need the microclimate of an intact forest to survive, but despite official protection, illegal logging undermines their winter habitat in Mexico. A bigger problem for Monarchs however is the loss of their summer habitat in the USA due to the massive use of herbicides, which kills the milkweed plants they depend on. The Monarch population has declined by 80% in the last two decades and experts now advocate that they be listed as an endangered species. When I first visited the Monarch’s wintering grounds in Mexico back in the 1980s more than fifty million of them gathered there. They turned the forest orange and branches broke off trees from the weight of butterflies. To get an idea of the astonishing sights I captured then, go to @FransLanting. And check some of the links below to learn what you can do to help them come back. @ChristineEckstrom @ThePhotoSociety #monarch #endangered #centerforbiodiv #monarch_watch #leonardodicaprio

Posing for @daniesommers 😂 Wearing my bikini from @saltandripple 🌊

Торт жаш бактыгуль 🌷❣️ @nurlannasip_kg & @aselkadyrbekova 💍

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Se acerca el Otoño y Buenos Aires lo sabe. - ¡Feliz Lunes para todos! #unpanaenargentina - Cortesía @buenosairestourist

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