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Sunday squadron πŸŒ΄πŸ’

"Hey let's catch up. We can chill and have a few drinks and some food" Me: @ralph__the__schnauzer

Alexa, play Pharrell - Happy. Honestly.

Making America great again all the way in Kosovo

First thing I'd like to mention is that this was completely candid. Actually that is the only thing I would like to mention πŸŒ…

A couple more for ya headtops

34 degrees, 20 km averaged, 5 sick days. @kalafestival

Polaroids πŸ“Έ @kalafestival was unreal

There are no gift shops here, so here are my postcards.

Next stop, Gipje.

2 in the pink, 1 in the stink 🀘

This is me all week when I hit up @kalafestival in 3 days! Don't worry about the condiments, because I'm bringing this level of sauce.

@hiphopzoouk is back this Friday at @theministryse1 Go and follow and DM for guestlist

I've had a dog for 10+ years, but today is the day my dating profile stock goes up πŸ“ˆ

Twas a lovely day for iced tea scones (Taken shortly after I escaped with my life from a 6000 person stampede)

Ironic how June will be the end of May

Good evening

H20 everyday. Mood all summer '19