Bora Bora demystified... sometimes its important to completely exhaust yourself in your dreams.. to eat, live and fully digest your dreams so you could move on and fly further... 1. Swim with sharks and sting rays ✅ 2. GLamping by the blue lagoon ✅ 3. Drink 🥂 with Miguel in the most beautiful places on earth ✅ 4. Bora mountain Otemanu climb ✅5. Kitesurf ✅ 6. Fly drone ✅ 7. New best friend Manu ✅surfing in Bora pass ✅ sailing ⛵️ ✅ jetsky ✅ kayaking ✅ breakfast inside the lagoon every day ✅cooking fresh possion cru ✅ birthday in lagoon ✅ climbing a coconut ✅ reading a 📚 in front of this lagoon ✅ catching a plane with a friends speedboat 🚤 because we missed the airport ferry ⛴ ✅ falling in love with Bora and its people & 💃 dance✅ invitation to teach yoga jn a resort ✅ starting a new dream: Storytelling CHAMPAGNESURFERS #lovebora #airtahitinui #borabora. @aviationlover_girl that photo reminds me you:))
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