Bora Bora demystified... sometimes its important to completely exhaust yourself in your dreams.. to eat, live and fully digest your dreams so you could move on and fly further... 1. Swim with sharks and sting rays ✅ 2. GLamping by the blue lagoon ✅ 3. Drink 🥂 with Miguel in the most beautiful places on earth ✅ 4. Bora mountain Otemanu climb ✅5. Kitesurf ✅ 6. Fly drone ✅ 7. New best friend Manu ✅surfing in Bora pass ✅ sailing ⛵️ ✅ jetsky ✅ kayaking ✅ breakfast inside the lagoon every day ✅cooking fresh possion cru ✅ birthday in lagoon ✅ climbing a coconut ✅ reading a 📚 in front of this lagoon ✅ catching a plane with a friends speedboat 🚤 because we missed the airport ferry ⛴ ✅ falling in love with Bora and its people & 💃 dance✅ invitation to teach yoga jn a resort ✅ starting a new dream: Storytelling CHAMPAGNESURFERS #lovebora #airtahitinui #borabora. @aviationlover_girl that photo reminds me you:))
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I woke up this morning at 5am to mist & fog enveloping Queenstown, except for a little bubble of clear sky above my house and Ben Lomond. As I was enjoying the view of the stars, I saw a meteor burn up in the atmosphere in a beautiful and quick little show, it was right where I happened to be looking in the sky and such a beautiful sight! . I felt it was a little too perfect so I had to get out and enjoy the night sky more! So I went for a drive to the other side of the mountain to Moke Lake in search of clear skies.. I stopped here at Lake Kirkpatrick to see how the reflections were. I was very surprised to see the sky come up red on the camera after I had just set my white balance intentionally blue to 3800k for astro, if not I would have sworn I forgot to take it off the daylight warmer setting! . Then once I started processing this shot, I realised this must be the most perfect and undisturbed reflection I've ever shot! Its stupidly tack sharp all over the water, I should really have posted it upside down in hindsight! 😉 So stoked with this one 😁 . Canon 6D Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 ISO10,000 f/2.8 30mm 80sec + 20sec sky & reflection

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Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri dari keluarga International ❤❤❤ . . #puteriindonesia #puteriindonesia2017 #missinternational2017

У меня самая красивая Муза на Земле @dinarasatzhan 😍😍😍Кстати, @assel_hairdresser это ты ее подстригла?!😠😬😤