I told myself to always LOVE what’s in front of me. No matter how awful, simple, or extravagant the situation might be. I need to learn to LOVE & accept the present moment, cause that’s all we have, we don’t get another chance to relive a specific day in the past so what better way to make the most out of our lives but to be kind, to enjoy, laugh, & LOVE. Spread the love ❤️🌈 #charoams #bali #indonesia
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Whatcha think about it? Deleting soon 😝

Mukanya selow dong pak. 😂 😂 😂

#حشاشة_يوفي سعد

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Well well 👀 Tokyo Ghoul is my guilty fandom but here I am.... AGAIN 👀 You can find my old Rize cosplay photos (2014) in my instagram..... Че, пацаны, гуль? 🐦На самом деле, я уже делала Ризе в далеком 2014 году и сейчас просто решила посмотреть А СМОГЛА БЫ Я ЛУЧШЕ.... ну вроде да :’) #tokyoghoulcosplay #rizekamishiro #rizekamishirocosplay #rizecosplay