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Coming soon on #athiyaayam ! Every mon to thurs 1030pm ! Director : @yahssir @milleniamotionpictures @vasantham_mediacorp #vasanthamtv

Leigh Darby

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On my way to the glamour show at the village hotel in Coventry!!! Gonna have some fun today !😈 #glamourshow #coventry come say hai and have a picture with me !!

Com empate, São Paulo chega ao 4º jogo consecutivo sem vitória ⠀ O São Paulo chegou a ganhar 3 partidas consecutivas no Brasileiro. ⠀ 1x0 Atlético/GO 2x0 Flamengo 2x1 Santos ⠀ Mas a boa fase, passou rápido, e agora amarga 4 jogos sem vitória. ⠀ 2x2 Chapecoense 0x1 Grêmio 1x1 Vasco 0x0 Botafogo ⠀ O time dá adeus as chances de ir a Pré-Libertadores, pelo G7. ⠀ Matematicamente, também não pode ser mais rebaixado.

Evening Gothamites! Today (November 17), History of the Batman wants to wish actor Danny DeVito a bat-tastic 73rd birthday! DeVito's career sky rocketed when he portrayed Louie De Palma on the television sitcom "Taxi" in the late 1970s, earning a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his performance. Since then he has produced, directed and starred in many live action and animated films, such as "Twins" (1988), "Space Jam" (1996), "Mars Attacks!" (1996), "Hercules" (1997) " and "Man on the Moon" (1999). For us bat-fans, he has portrayed the villain The Penguin in 1992's Tim Burton sequel "Batman Returns". While Burgess Meredith's 1960s Penguin represented the POP art style of Silver Age Batman mythos from comic books, DeVito's Penguin returned to his modern tie period as the main antagonist Oswald Cobblepot. Inspired by "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", Penguin was re-imagined not as an eloquent gentleman of crime, but a former freak show performer with a homicidal grudge against the aristocrats of Gotham City. While this Penguin retained many comic book trademarks, most memorable is the dramatic visual makeover from the gothic, Victorian-style outfit to the grotesque thick, dark green bile-like liquid trickling from his nose and mouth. DeVito brought his unique stature and squawk to the character, making this interpretation of Penguin a fan favorite. While his role as Frank Reynolds on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a personal favorite role, we thank DeVito for bringing a part of Batman's mythos to life and so many other characters. Wish Danny DeVito a happy birthday and we will have more History of the Batman soon, so stay tuned! [Sources: bit.ly/1n5WkM7 ; History of the Batman is releasing this content under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0.] ✌🏼💙🦇🐧🎬📺🎉

Buongiorno 🌞 #gfvip #grandefratellovip #ceciliarodriguez @ignaziomoser @chechurodriguez_real

Vino vino kamu cari2 kesempatan ya peluk laras yg dlm selimut..😂😂😂 Aduuuhh tom n jerry yg ini mah gemesin bangeettt.. 😉😀😀 . #stjceps10dan11 #vinolaras#vinola @natashawilona12 @bramastavrl


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کیا این فیلم رو دیدن؟😅 . مطالب فوق العاده ی پیج زیر رو از دست ندهید!😍😱 📚@codoiin📚 📚@codoiin📚 📚@codoiin📚 📚@codoiin📚


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Senior panutan. Senior kebanggaan. Kepala Pusat Penerangan (KAPUSPEN) Kemendagri, Dr. Arief M. Edie dan Kepala Biro II Bidang Administrasi Umum dan Keuangan IPDN, Dr. Benhard E. Rondonuwu. Tambah sukses dalam kariernya, senior. Salam hormat. 👮 #ipdn

São Paulo News

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🏆 ESTATÍSTICA São Paulo ainda tem 3% de chance de ir a Libertadores ⠀ Os torcedores mais otimistas, ainda sonham com o São Paulo na Libertadores em 2018. ⠀ Para isso, o Tricolor conta com 3% de chance de ir a competição. ⠀ São 9 times disputando 3 vagas ainda em aberto, para o G7. ⠀ 🔴 CLASSIFICADOS 100% | Corinthians 100% | Grêmio 100% | Palmeiras 100% | Cruzeiro ⠀ ⚫️ NA BRIGA 99% | Santos 62% | Botafogo 54% | Flamengo 38% | Vasco 26% | Bahia 10% | Chapecoense 5% | Atlético/MG 3% | São Paulo 3% | Atlético/PR



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#repost @adinisenkoystartv Kahveler bol köpüklü. ☕️ #adınısenkoy

Hannie ∞

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What’s the tea? Fill me in


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❤@amirahdyme❤@my_wce❤ . 📽For videos follow @ig_flicks . 👉🏽Tag your friends . 🔔Turn on post notification . Follow ------ @my_wce @inked_temptations @i.love.selfies & @ig_flicks @ig_goddesses . #wce #wcw #florida #miami #miamibeach #atlanta #f4f #followforfollow #followback #l4l #likesforlikes #ifollowback #likes #likeforfollow #followforlike #recentforrecent #r4r #instadaily #instamood #tagsforlikes #instafamous #likeback #s4s #comment #beautiful #love #lit #dope #girls

Sigam @meriyouoficial - -**** - Ademas @meriyouoficial

今日は、珍しく別の部屋へ。 楽しくて朝から飛び回ってます🐵💓 . 夜行性だけど、朝も起きます。 夕方の方がよく寝てるかな🐵 . そして、昨日から夜はヒーターを入ました。 深夜冷えるからね… . #もうすぐカレンダー販売します . . . Today, I brought him to another room unusually. He is fun and fly around in the morning. . It's nocturnal, but he also gets up in the morning and sleeps well in the evening. . . . . #bushbaby #cuteboy #love #グレムリン #vacationtime #gremlin #starwars #ピザトル #monkey #cutebaby #baby #ピザ屋#goostimes #movie #スマイル #smile #pizza #yoda #ショウガラゴ #goodnight #love #pizzatoru #pizzaislife#goodday #good #enjoy #enjoyingthesunshine #morning #goodmorning


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¡Like para los dos nuevos tronistas de #myhyv! 👏🏻❤️

Tag someone that'd smash without seeing the face 😋 #doitforstate #statesnaps #difs #doit4state