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Sometimes I get to do some really cool things with some really dope people! Thank you @usatoday and @ashday for highlighting this group of amazing chefs in NYC! Proud to be in that number! *disclaimer, feels weird wearing a chef jacket with my hair down #usatoday #covergirl #sayword #honored #notmygoodside #dontcare #lookmom

Raise your glass! To #topchef season 16 starting tonight on @bravotv and to the beautiful baby boy that made it just in time to watch! Congratulations to the homie @insta.flamm and his beautiful wife @hillarydelich on the birth of their first child!! Can’t wait to meet him! ❤️🤗🍾 #babysittersclub #family #flamily #topchef #babychef #auntadrienne&unclestephen #tunein #love

I love latkes, and during #chanukah I usually make traditional, and non-traditional these sweet potato latkes with 2-day cured salmon and chive creme fraiche . #happyhanukkah #latkes #celebrate #tistheseason #newtraditional #crispy

Thank you so much to Sonja Toulouse-Martin, @aluzmore @richardcossins and the outstanding @chefdanbarber for an amazing experience this weekend @bluehillfarm So close to the city but worlds away!

These pictures don’t even scratch the surface or do justice to the beauty of dinner last night @stonebarns So much care goes into every detail, from the soil to the service. Each dish was thoughtful, beautiful, and above all delicious! So glad we got to experience this! #myloveandi #foodlife #weekendoff #wow

Not sure what your plans are for today, but I hope they include tuning in to watch the homie @cheftudavidphu with @bastedmind @chefmelissaking and @chefwonder tonight on @abcnetwork Can’t wait!! 🤗 #repost @cheftudavidphu with @get_repost ・・・ I am so humbled and honored to announce that I will be the culinary host for a food segment called “Taste Buds: Chefs Giving.” Featuring my chef homies @chefmelissaking, @bastedmind @chefwonder. It will air Sunday, November 25 at 4pm EST on @abcnetwork. Trailer coming soon. Mark your calendars. You don’t want to miss this. Join us as we cook and share our #heritage #holiday dishes. Thank you ❤️@redboatfishsauce @intersportbuzz @kygoldhoff @elenabesser @mollycshanks @hoopesvineyard ❤️

The lightest post-Thanksgiving meal we’ve had so far. Nothing like local Louisiana oysters - charbroiled and raw of course - and claws. This was the first place we came to in NOLA as a married couple, happy to keep the party going! #wifelife #sundaybest #nola #nolaeats #southernstyle #holidays #thanksgivingdetox

A few years ago in these very seats @Vinateria I met the love of my life, the man that would become my best friend and husband. At the pop up Sunday I kept those two barstools in place all night, and after service we shared a glass of wine (and left over caviar) just like the night we met (minus the caviar). I guess going to the bar alone isn’t such a bad thing, you never know who you’ll be sitting next to! Thank you @drgoodfood for capturing this moment! #lovejones #thatman #thatsmybaby #olblueeyes #chairmanoftheboard #neverthoughtidfindalovelikethis #neversettleforless #hestillgivesmegoosebumps

Have you ever met someone you felt like you’ve known forever? That’s how working with @shefmimi felt this weekend. We pushed hard, overcame obstacles together (menu formatting is a b*tch), and had a great service for a sold-out event! So great to work alongside such a cool and talented Shef! . #truecooks #werefamilynow #bonded #inthetrenches #sundaybest @vinateria #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

First course from last night’s sold out #sundaybest “Biscuit and Gravy” Crispy Oysters topped with thinly sliced lardo and @calvisiuscaviarusa charred scallion relish, and buttermilk sabayon. Paired with @lacaravellechampagne Cuvée Niña . #popup #southern #biscuit #biscuitsandgravy #caviar #hospitality

Caviar delivery for this weekend’s SundayBest is here!! This caviar is perfect for our first course: Biscuits and Gravy with crispy oysters, buttermilk sabayon, and charred scallion relish! With @lacaravellechampagne pairing 🤪 #cantwait #preptime #taste #kitchensnacks #caviar #caviarbumps

There are still a few tickets left to SundayBest @vinateria this weekend! It’s going to be an amazing night, get your tickets and join us for the fun!

Some people want diamond rings... But luckily my husband knows me better than that, and surprised me with a brand new @vitamix Ascent for my birthday! . #hesthebest #lovethatman #hegetsme #birthday #pureeeverything #grainmill #horsepower

This weekend, #sundaybest returns at one of my favorite Harlem restaurants, @vinateria There are a few tickets left, I’d love for you to join us as we celebrate good company and good food (and my birthday!). With wine pairings by @lacaravellechampagne and Opici Family Wines, it is going to be a great evening!! Link in bio☝🏽and 👇🏽

So proud of this partnership with @lululemonlabnyc Creating evenings of progressive food and conversation, bringing people together at the table to share life. No matter how different we may be, we have so much more in common, let’s always celebrate that! . #repost @bolstermedianyc with @get_repost ・・・ About Last Night! @chefadriennecheatham partnered with @lululemonlabnyc to host an innovative Sunday night dinner party in their design space with delicious food and eye opening conversation #lululemonlabnyc

Thanks for the reminder, street ad. This past weekend in BK, pre-election day. With the diversity and number of women elected, I’m even more optimistic. . #nyc #brooklyn #inthesestreets #love #letsgettowork #letsgo

Canelé all day! How I love these little pieces of joy... The deeply carmelized crust, the custardy center, one of life’s simple pleasures! . . #canele #joy #love #technique #givemeacoffee #atelierjoelrobuchon

Congratulations and Happiest (first-of-many) Anniversary to the amazing team @latelier_robuchonnyc So glad to share in this beautiful occasion with people who care so much about food and hospitality. Love and thanks to all the people holding up the legacy of @joel.robuchon including my wonderful friend @ritajammet