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FRI-YAY!? Friday indulgence and gratification for getting through the week, is a widespread habit in our cultures I’m not sure I completely agree with. It is challenging to adopt balance in our lives, to ultimately empower our lifestyles. Good and conscious food choices will promote a stronger body, and a stronger mind. I believe that our “cheat meals” should be true indulgences to feed the soul, and make you happy. Not because you “deserve it” but because you “desire it”. 🌞 Lecture over 😂 if you’re wondering, that’s my red fruit cobbler, inspired by the recipe of @bonappetitmag ♥️

Looking back at my March recipes, I realize how consistent my recipes are 😂 This is a Salmon Papillote with grapefruit and dill. ✌🏻If you’ve watched yesterday’s live I’ve made a raw salmon sashimi cured and infused in grapefruit with passion fruit. HA! I like color associations and tangy pairings apparently. . 👉🏼If you want to download the free recipe guide with the Papillote recipe copy paste in your browser: bit.ly/PapilloteDinners . 👉🏼For the sashimi grapefruit I’ll post yesterday’s live on IGTV this afternoon, stay tuned! . 👉🏼Get the FREE sea bass crudo recipe on bit.ly/FreebieSummerVibez

Chewers! My friend @gracekingswell has invited me on her podcast STATE OF MIND! 💥Episode is OUT! Follow and Download it, link in profile! 👉🏼In the episode, Grace asks me all questions #bloodtypediet and how it has impacted my digestive life 😝 but also invites you Into the culinary influences of @ChewChoose, we discuss how we eat today and the impact of the health world on our gut. Have a listen! Good vibez only! Xoxo

Kitchen sink meals are the most inspiring! After this weekend event, I’m finally back on track -catering is a beast and very draining physically- I found myself having not much but leftover grapes and the end of a delicious berry jam. Add some leftover macadamia, oats and milk it! Pretty yummy.💫Oh and I also added cacao nibs for extra earthiness, and was so pleased to find out (because I don’t have them often) that macadamia nuts are neutral for all types on the #bloodtypediet ! Happy day.

Hi Chewers! I’ve been a bit awol in the last few days, because Maria from @pomegranatekitchenhk and I were working on a big event, prepping a comforting farm-to-table meal for 70 people! It was fun, high pressure and a beautiful success. Here is a glimpse at some of the food that was served (*thanks Maria for taking the pics!!!!). 💥 Beer braised brisket with Sichuan peppercorns on pita 💥 Traditional Chicken freekeh 💥 A simple so wholesome salad with garden tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and fresh herbs💥 The best chipotle and lime charred tiger prawn and squid salad 💥 The sweetest fresh apricot tarts on a fine and white chocolate and almond crust 💥More on this collaboration soon, stay tuned!

🎼I saw the sun...and it opened up my eyes (remember the song?) 🎼TO A WINTER COMEBACK WE DIDN’T AGREE TO LONDON! 🖤 But hey, last weekend I made this bass crudo and it will bring sunshine to your plate! 🤩 If you want the recipe (free!), click on the link in my profile! xo Lea

Hi Chewers! Today we are making a beetroot tartare! Your carnivorous friends will be fooled its not meat! An easy starter you can make ahead, perfect for the warm summer months ahead. You can find the recipe in my free recipe guide of this month here: bit.ly/FreebieSummerVibez This recipe is beneficial for blood types B & AB and neutral for A & O, a winner if cooking for a crowd! Hoping this brings a little bit of sunshine to your kitchen! Chew, Choose, Cherish! xoxo Lea #chewchoose #youchewyouchoose #bloodtypediet #summereats #steaktartare #beetroot #summerfood #seasonalfood #detoxing #eatright4yourtype #eatrightfeelright #eatright4yourbloodtype #recipedeveloper #healwithfood #chewchoosecherish #listentoyourbody #foodasmedicine #letfoodbethymedicine #mealfix #eatright #goodmoodfood #simplerecipes #makesmewhole #foodmedicine #guthealthmatters #microbiome #healyourgut #digestivehealth #naturopathy

Yesterday, my friend @lea_j_fayad asked me how I prepped my morning oats. A little ironic because she’s the one who introduced me to morning oatmeal when we were in Uni. We used to try to make the most efficient bowl with the least processed sugar and boost them with all good for you sugar-free jams and nuts to be exam-ready. I remember we made them in the microwave with water and it tasted like proper punishment. That was 15 years ago LOLZ! There’s a snippet in my stories (go watch!) but I’ll share with you how I make enjoyable morning oats that are far from punishment!!! Follow these 3 COMMANDMENTS: Crunchy Smooth Seasonal Simple CRUNCHY: Add toasted nuts, seeds and/or cacao nibs! SMOOTH: Add a homemade jam or marmalade, stewed fruits, some nut butter, maple syrup, the best honey or molasses! SEASONAL: A piece of fruit goes a long way, go to your weekly farmers market, rejoice and pick what you fancy! SIMPLE: Keep-it-simple and don’t over do it. Oats are quite complex and will keep you full for a while. Keep the flavors simple with one of each category, more than enough! If this was helpful, and you want to max out from your morning bowl with foods right for your blood type, 👇🏼Ask me below!

Beetroot tartare! Even the most carnivorous soul will be fooled! Dressed in grapefruit and turmeric juice, it’s an explosion of flavours softened by the sweet beets. 👉🏼If you’re on a hurry, make with ready prepped beetroot in literally 10minutes, and if you’re a bit more fuss, simple chop a fresh beet in small cubes and roast for 8-10 minutes only in a high 200degree oven. Just to cook them lightly but keep that bite. 🕺🏻Would you try this? BEETS on the blood type diet are beneficial for types B & AB and neutral for A & O!

Happy Monday Chewers! Mondays are for steady beginnings, inspiration and doing things with confidence. Today, I spent my day with Maria from @pomegranatekitchenhk . Remember her from my stories last weekend? We spent the day at the market and her place today, because we are working on a big foodie (private) event next weekend. We are embarking on a delicious adventure and I cannot wait to share more - soon - about it with you. HINT: it’s delicious, laced with nurture, passion and a pinch of middle-eastern-ness. Stay tuned! ✨ Oh and I’m totally in love with this carpet she has in her open kitchen where we sat picking herbs , brainstorming about our new project...!♥️

Hi Chewers! Do you like crudos? Do you like tartares?! Are you ready to own your kitchen and rule your table this summer? Do you want your friends to live you forever in under 20 minutes? 👉🏼word: download my June recipe guide! It’s fresh and full of love. Hugz from my busy kitchen, Chew, Choose, Cherish!!! Xoxo Lea

Summer, day 1. Officially on june 21st, but all the sunshine is too good to wait! 🌞 This month we will be looking at raw foods, fruity desserts and how to keep up with the #bloodtypediet on holiday, because it’s not always so straightforward to keep up your healthy lifestyle when you travel and leave your routine. Find me every Wednesday on our IG WEDNESDAY LIVE at 7pm, stay tuned for a podcast interview with the amazing @gracekingswell and get ready to download your June free recipe guide later today. I’m keeping a couple of announcement as a surprise for later in the month, cant’t wait to share all the news with you! Sending you love from my busy kitchen, Chew, Choose, Cherish! xoxo Lea

It’s a chili start of summer in London, so put together this super speedy soupy stewy dhal with literally leftover (because #zerowaste )veggie soup spiced with some garam masala, lots of fresh coriander and pre-cooked black lentils. I was really hesitant but it’s actually really yummy and so hearty. For crunch, I’ve added some radishes, lime zest and these micro cress sprouts I got for the recipes of the June recipe guide I’m shooting in a moment. Things have been really busy hectic lately with the upcoming cooking classes, recipe guide, and very cool upcoming jobs I’ll tell you about later. 🤫 Lentils are a great plant based iron supply but not good for all on the #bloodtypediet. 💫LENTILS are beneficial for type A, neutral for AB but avoid for types B & O! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sending you love from my busy kitchen, Chew, Choose, Cherish! xoxo Lea

Thank you @manototv for the interview and your interest in the Blood Type Diet®! It was a fun day of filming, and i’m so happy to have shared information about the BTD and my recipes with you. Together we cooked my shaking beef recipe, good for blood types O & B, and one of my favorites cod papillote good for all blood types! Both recipes are available on my website, link in profile. ♥️🌞✨ Chew, Choose, Cherish! xoxo Lea #chewchoose #youchewyouchoose #bloodtypediet #tvinterview #persiantv #immunehealth #eatright4yourtype #eatrightfeelright #eatright4yourbloodtype #healwithfood #chewchoosecherish #listentoyourbody #foodasmedicine #letfoodbethymedicine #mealfix #eatright #goodmoodfood #simplerecipes #makesmewhole #foodmedicine #guthealthmatters #microbiome #healyourgut #digestivehealth #naturopathy

TONIGHT ON WEDNESDAY LIVE! ☝🏼This berry cobbler, Not bad for a trial! Thanks to @bonappetitmag for your super delicious presentation skills and inspiring, this one was irresistible to miss! 🥧

The breakfast of champions is orange. Cured salmon and rocket on rice cake, with zest + squeeze of lemon juice topped with chives and their flowers (for breaky 🤔)! Apricots because Pantone would be proud, my tummy was. A breakfast good for all types particularly beneficial for type A! Have a nice day Chewers⭐️🌞

Who loves some shaking beef?!? @manotoofficial came over to know more about the #bloodtypediet and we cooked some shaking beef (good for types O&B) and some Cod Papillote (good for all blood types). 👀Check out my stories for a preview and watch out for the episode coming out tomorrow on IGTV!!! 😍😍😍

Is comfort food still a thing to manage stress? It’s a bank holiday weekend and most of you are probably out and about enjoying the sun, but I woke up this morning looking at my upcoming week and haunted by an old pattern of behavior. ⭐️ That said, Ive got a lot going on with ChewChoose, which is all exciting news and I’m so grateful for how well what I do is being received and encouraged ⭐️ But here is a window into my morning: Over the years I’ve learnt to harness my emotions and understand how to canalise stress in a healthy way. What has worked for me most is doing yoga on a regular basis, and short hiit sessions. Also, taking more time to think of my work in a mindful way with intention, that’s fueled what i do with so much happiness and purpose. As a teen and through my twenties, I was an emotional eater, not even realizing it. It took me some time to distinguish how much contentment what/how I ate had in my life or didn’t. When I started the Blood Type Diet, eating the right foods for my type definitely contributed to inviting balance and calm in this pattern, and allowed me to learn how to eat instinctively. 🌞 But this morning I woke up feeling a strain on my chest, mind fog and just no aptitude to think straight, simply picturing the load of work I’ve got to do. I couldn’t even answer a friends call, and despite that couldn’t focus on what was on my mind/what I had to do. The old ghost came up and all I could think was “you need to eat something comforting”. 😉 But In fact, I wasn’t even hungry and certainly didn’t want to eat something greasy or “comforting”. My right mind, my gut led the way, and this is something I’ve been applying for some time now: if I want to canalise stress on food, I’ll make sure I’m actually hungry because my body is not a trash can (if not take a walk or do yoga), and if I am actually hungry, to infuse that dish that’s going to help “comfort” me with positive vibes. ☝🏼And This right here is the best example. It’s a fried egg, with some zucchini, lemon zest and sumac. Simple pleasures I love most, that remind me of my mom’s cooking, of home, warmth and good vibes only. ♥️ How do you manage your stress?