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Western Art Painter. Taos, NM.

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One last walk on the ranch after packing all day and before we start driving down tomorrow. Excited for the road trip and to be home!♥️♥️ We will sure miss Montana. Thank you so much Lee and Jeannie for welcoming us and becoming our good friends♥️we will see you soon @jeannie_reeves

Reposting my last painting because I am very happy about it while packing up my Montana studio as we will be headed down tomorrow♥️

“Women Of Taos Pueblo”. Oil on board, 12”x16”.

In progress.

“The Sacred Buffalo Hunt”. Oil on board, 18”x24”.

Still at work tonight but had to step out for this! #bigskycountry #montana

Went digging into old pieces this morning from 2015/2016/2017. Had to crop some of them because of the Instagram sizing so these will be available to see full size in my stories! Thanks for looking and enjoy!

•SOLD• One last for today! “Buffalo Dance”. Website updated with new drawings, link in bio! ♥️ #westernart #folkart #taos #montana

“Taos Pueblo Women”. Link in bio.

•SOLD• “ The White Buffalo”. Oil on board, 8”x10”.

Work hard, with your hands and your heart, and you will do great things. #mydad #farrier #artisan #hardworkers

“The Hunt”. Oil on board, 11”x14”.

Study in progress for “The White Buffalo”, 8”x10”.


The Riders.

First sleeve down.

Husband and wife ♥️

Last one for today! “Blackfeet Man & Woman” Link in bio.