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Western Art Painter. Taos, NM.

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I miss you👨🏽‍🌾♥️

Taos Pueblo. Pencil on paper, 9"x12". #taospueblo

So grateful for @chadisham for giving me that wonderful jacket! It is made out of moose hide with a beautiful beadwork all around, and from the 60s. Thank you so so much Chad, I adore it!! If you are on the look for authentic vintage leather jackets and handmade goods by Chad, then I suggest you go checkout his page, one of my favorites! Jacket sitting on a patchwork blanket I made a few years ago.

🎨 🖌

Today, in progress. #taospueblo

Another quick drawing from today ✏️

Quick sketch from 2108 🙄

A beaded and embroidered piece I did today.

Still no snow 😭

What a year.... I love my husband, my family and all my friends!!! I am so grateful and thankful for everything life brought us, Happy New Year!! 💫✨💫

Nevada sunset and petroglyphs night exploring 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏽 #nevada

Photo by super talented @chrisdouglasphoto for @filson1897 #chrisdouglasphoto #filson #filson1897 🐻

Today didn't suck!

Once again I forgot your birthday! I miss you so so so much ma Mel and I wish I had been celebrating with you yesterday! I love you so much and thank you for always sending me photos from back home. JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE DUBDUB!!!!!! 🎉🎊🍾♥️ #happybirthday

Beautiful shot by @chrisdouglasphoto for @filson1897 #filson1897 #chrisdouglasphoto #montana

Pretty happy with the finish of that painting! "Taos Pueblo", available to purchase on my website, link in bio. Thank you for looking! #oilpainting #westernart #taospueblo

Very honored to be featured in the Filson Catalogue December Issue and to be the first woman ever on their magazine cover! Thank you so much @filson1897 @dariuswalkerjack @audetabet @chrisdouglasphoto ♥️♥️♥️ #filson1897 #chrisdouglasphoto #thewolvesblanket

Sunday done right 🍪

Amazing works shown tonight at @parsonsfineart of one of my favorite artists and a beautiful reception organized by @devils_darlin ♥️ #parsonsfineart #jerryjordan

In the works. Hopi Women🖤 #hopi #oilpainting #westernart #wip

"Hopi Women", after a photo from E.C. Curtis. Pencil on paper.

Detail of "Taos Pueblo", in progress #wip #taos #taospueblo #oilpainting

Us family and our friend Lanny Real Bird who did the ceremony on our most wonderful day. Beautiful photograph by @chrisdouglasphoto 🦅🐻 #twoeaglesandthreebears #yellowstoneriver

Some quality family time 🎄#kilo

Beautiful views and a very tired boy!

Missing my Ol'Mountain Man♥️ #montana


Ol' Baxter and I #bye

Yesterday we went fishing and it was a very beautiful day! 🎣🎣🎣