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Western Art Painter. Taos, NM.

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So honored, grateful and happy to announce that I will be now part of the prestigious @parsonsfineart Gallery and will be showing my work for the first time at their Big Summer Show, August 4th, alongside many other incredible artists.. I would like to give a special thanks to @devils_darlin for believing in me from the start, pushing me, trusting me and for being such an amazing and talented Gallery Director! ♥️♥️♥️ #parsonsgallery #parsonsfineart #taos #newmexico #westernart

Commissioned portrait of Comanche Chief Quanah Parker for our friend @lancehunt78 🙌 16”x12”, oil on board. Beyond thankful for everyone of you who support, purchase, commission, get involved or even just follow and glance at my work and make it possible for me as a full time living. Forever grateful 🙌♥️

Happy Summer Day from Montana!

Around that time last year for @filson1897 by @chrisdouglasphoto #filson1897 #chrisdouglasphoto 🔥♥️

A commissioned work for Father’s Day, thank you Caroline! 🐻🐻🐻

Rodeo Time!


One last for today... “Hat and Chaps”! Inspired by a photo posted by @sacred_village_arts who is nonetheless one of my favorite accounts ♥️ Link in bio for more info! •SOLD•

“Looking Back” (Link in bio) •SOLD•

“Mother and Child, Navajoland” •SOLD•

From yesterday! “Afternoon Ride”, 20”x24”, oil on board. (Not for sale) ♥️💙

Tiny cropped detail of a painting done today! 💙♥️

Fresh start 🌞☕️

Painted all day, then went on a ride with my Man in the evening, living a simple and good life ♥️

Super excited about those beautiful lapis lazuli and silver earrings handcrafted by the lovely and talented @featherpony for her brand If you don’t know about her work yet, do yourself a favor and go give her follow for some genuine and traditionally made silversmithing, love it! Thank you Leah! ♥️ #yotejewelry

Bar doodles.

I was very happy to go back to the amazing @c.m.russell museum today here in Great Falls and to show @hippyth0m 👨🏽‍🌾♥️

“Women Riding In A Field Of Sage” cropped details 🌾 #folkart