What a year.... I love my husband, my family and all my friends!!! I am so grateful and thankful for everything life brought us, Happy New Year!! 💫✨💫
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I am a product of Public applaud and would not at this stage ignore the concerns of the people who have watched me grow in my chosen career. I sincerely apologise to Toyin Abraham @toyin_abraham for allowing my emotions take over me and for uttering such uncensored statements to her.I put a call through to her and we settled it. Yes, i messed up but we all are Humans and we are bound to mess up once in a while. To the elders in the industry who cautioned in love,i say a big thank you. Issues of this nature has a way of opening our eyes and minds to a lot of things we never saw coming. I have come to realize that, most people from the outside derive delight in putting more fire, than quench the fire of disagreement. Peace is golden. In all i choose to stay focused and to all my Fans who felt left down,stay happy. Love has prevailed..Lots of love to you all This industry is ours; it is our duty to uphold the values of the founding legends (dead and alive). Thank you all. Love reigns.


Menu anti gerah sore ini adalah menghabiskan sisa buah lychee kaleng kemaren. Kali ini nggak pakai syrup jahe deh biar mudah dibuat siapa saja. Iced lychee tea ini kalau direstoran harganya bikin dendam kesumat. Pengen nyuruh orang restoran gantian beli bikinan kita dengan harga lebih murah deh diskon 10% 😂😂😂 wong bikinnya simpel sj lho. Bikin biang teh dulu biar mudah, dari teh daun diseduh air mendidih. Diamkan sampai dingin. Saring. Sisihkan. ICED LYCHEE TEA by: Fatmah Bahalwan Bahan: Buah leci kaleng Syrup dari leci kaleng Air teh Simpel syrup Es batu kulkas Cara membuatnya: 1. Siapkan gelas saji. Tuangi air teh kental 100ml. Tambahkan syrup leci kaleng 50ml. 2. Beri 3 bh leci kaleng atau suka-suka 5 bh jg boleh. 3. Tambah 50gr simpel syrup. Dan Es batu. Tuang air minum hingga gelas penuh. 4. Sajikan. #resepfatmah #eslecitea

Sate dan lontong kacang gini selalu jd favorit Mama, cuman sayang yg ini bumbunya krg nendang. Tapi dagingnya sih lembut dan rasanya lumayan la 😁. . . ⏰ 15.30-22.00 . ⛔ setiap Kamis . 💰27k . . 📍sate kacang Lily Yummy food court Komplek #cemaraasri #NONHALAL #MEDAN #sgyfsatekacang

It’s about to get LIT!! Catch me on @citizentvkenya tonight!!