What a year.... I love my husband, my family and all my friends!!! I am so grateful and thankful for everything life brought us, Happy New Year!! 💫✨💫
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❤️❤️HAPPY New year

@clotildeguerton Merci ma Clo!!! Bonne Année et j espère que l on pourra s appeller bientôt! 😘

@cecileviseux 😘😘😘

@domainedazac 😘😘😘

@47bonessilver Thanks Happy New Year!

@leighnewmanlives Thank you! Happy New Year! Hope to run into you guys some day!

@buckaroogirlofficial 😘

@lohdy Thanks! Same to you!

@kennykirk 🖤🖤🖤

@eegcreative happy new year babe!! ♥️

2018-01-02 08:36:09

A belle and a bear! ✨

2018-01-02 04:53:38

Happy new year ma Chloé!!! Bonne année à vous ! Tellement heureuse pour toi !!!

Cecile Viseux
2018-01-02 03:43:26


Domaine d' Azac
2018-01-02 00:58:05


Say What?
2018-01-01 22:29:13

Y'all know how to rock the snow & cold! Have a lovely and creative New Year¶

@chrisdouglasphoto thank u buddy, same to u and ur fam @darcydouglas2

Leigh Newman
2018-01-01 15:43:26

We miss you. So glad to see you happy!

Y'all are my favorite @chloemariegaillardburk ♥️

Lindsay Lohden
2018-01-01 15:28:00

May 2018 bring you even more magic!

kenny kirk
2018-01-01 15:09:39


2018-01-01 15:08:53

@chloemariegaillardburk and @hippyth0m Happy New Year!!🎊

Happy New Year and good vibes for 2018! ✌🤘🖖🤙✊

2018-01-01 15:04:43

@chloemariegaillardburk 🙏🏻

Happy New Yearrrrrr!! 😚 🎨🌿

@chrisdouglasphoto Happy New Year to you and the kids!!! @chrisdouglasphoto @darcydouglas2

@freshsnwbrd 😘😘😘

@j_todd1 Thank you! Happy New Year!

@fencesmusic 😂😂 Happy New Year to you and your fiancée!!

@annedoizy ♥️

@ahote1125 Thanks! Happy New Year! 💫

@yoko.love Bonne Année ma boubou!!! ♥️♥️♥️

@cobracult 😘♥️😘

@hippyth0m I love you my husband 🖤🦅🖤

Happy New Year @chloemariegaillardburk & @hippyth0m!!!

Fresh Snowboarding
2018-01-01 14:33:46


2018-01-01 14:33:02

I first saw you on the cover of my Filson catalogue. (Cool photos) Somehow just saw you again on Instagram. Congrats as on a great year. Marriage has its ups and downs but that’s what makes it stronger and worth it. God Bless and good luck in 2018! @chloemariegaillardburk

2018-01-01 14:24:28

I hate the millennial term “goals” but this is literally goals.

2018-01-01 14:20:42

Love @chloemariegaillardburk

2018-01-01 14:19:32

It’s been a blast to watch your journey! Best to you in 2018😘


2018-01-01 14:08:15

🤗so cool

2018-01-01 14:07:51

Bonne année mon pouli ♥️♥️♥️

2018-01-01 14:02:32


i Love u soo much ma baba, best year ever 🖤🦅🖤