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I married a good one. 😘 Happy and safe Halloween to you all! 🎃👻

China top actress 2018 Caijie Guo #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Chinese style photograph7 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

If you’re looking for large and cheap-o pumpkins, ALDI has them for $2.99 🎃

Hey, too much photo revising, watch your classmates….#meme #funnyChinesepictures #amusing #picturerevising #Chineseonline

Our “Reward” for winning at last night’s Trivia Night at @queensrewardmead by @bluedeltajeans with @gypsyroadsidemobile yum! 😋

Chinese long noodles #chineseculture #noodles #chinese food

I have found the recipe for the most perfectly soft chocolate chip cookies ...(or M&M’s cookies). We are struggling not to eat them all before dinner.

Celebrating one year a teeeensie bit early. Getting ready for a #nashvilleimprov show with my favorite! 😘

Love my babies. ❤️

A very special “Happy Birthday!” to this man right here. He is my rock, my heart, my laughter, my peace, my reason, my fun, my Love. He is one smart, strong, witty, compassionate, silly, tough, generous, magical, handsome devil and my life is so much fuller because of him. I love you, babe! 😘

Who knew a simple little text from this man on my best friend’s birthday would be something to celebrate for years to come? Neen, you are my good luck charm! 🍀

This lady right here. The best best friend anyone could ask for. My Neen of 30+ years. Neen = Rock in Norwegian. #lookitup #dontlookitup Happy birthday, my beautiful rock!! May this year bring you the best life has to offer! I love you so! ❤️

It’s an Olligator kind of day. 🤗

NY with my favorite, my Love, my other half. ❤️

First full day in NY with best friends and so far, so full. Sweet Ollie morning, Stroll for Strong, Wegmans, Ollie time, Canal Fest... so far, so good. ❤️

Not mad at our stay in Nashville. On our way to NY! 😘

Those ray ban ads we’re not from me. The end.

Christmas cookies for the crew! I mostly make these for myself... shhh, I mean... with love, for others. #anginettes #anginetti

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas... at least in the living room! 🤗

Thankful for all that God has blessed me with this past year and what he’s kept me from. Especially thankful for this guy and all my adventures with him. I love him so! #godawgs #hailstate #eggbowl

It sure is nice to have a snuggle buddy when you’re home and feeling ill. And to have friends deliver dinner! Hugs! @scottburden