Helllloooooo Monday ✌ Getting ready to tackle the week ahead. Only a few days of February left. Where does the time go?! Breakfast plate features two scrambled eggs 🍳 and mashed avo 🥑 arugula 🌿 sliced tomatoes 🍅 on marble rye 🍞 #happymonday #startthedayright #breakfasttoast
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This pic of a short-beaked echidna looking for insects was captured by photographer Max Waugh @maxwaughphoto in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Echidnas are believed to locate food by smell, using sensors in the tips of their leathery snouts which they use in a probing manner while shuffling around. Thanks for sharing your pic with us Max! #wildlifephotography #australia #echidna #cradlemountain #tasmania #australianwildlife #cradlemountainnationalpark

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Photo by @hammond_robin for @onedayinmyworld - "The Syrian people have seen everything, they killed their brother, their mother, their father - and so, now mental health problems have become normal," says Ali Mohammed Hassan, 25. "I might be safe, but I’m always thinking about my brother who I left in Syria. I’m worried about them." Ali and other young men from Deir Ez-Zor Syria hide from the afternoon sun in the informal extension of Moria camp known as Olive Grove. They have been at the camp between two and six months. They all left Syria they say because to stay would mean to be forced to fight either for the government or ISIS. - On the Island of Lesbos in Greece, Moria camp overflows with refugees and their desperation. Inhuman living conditions and a snail-paced relocation process can drive the already traumatized towards depression and suicide - mental health issues that haunt a people with no home. They risked their lives to get to Europe. They thought they had escaped the trauma & would find peace, a future. They were wrong. - #inmyworld is designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with #mentalhealth issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. @witness_change is a nonprofit that aims to improve life for excluded groups by amplifying their stories. This work was made in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières @doctorswithoutborders who are providing mental health support to the island’s refugees. To see more or to share your own mental health story please follow @onedayinmyworld

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