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I hear a lot... ▪️”oh I didn’t realise Redken did colour” really? We are proud to have a full colour portfolio to cater for every single clients needs including the iconic Shades EQ... ▪️”Oh I just thought you just did fashion shades” noooo we have everything to be as subtle or as loud as you like! To be Redken is to be individual and not everyone is the same and not all hair colours are the same! ▪️”I didn’t know you had a bonder” yes we do 👍🏼 Ph Bonder! Everything we do is based on science and everyone knows a hairs happy place is between ph 4.5-5.5 what PH bonder does is pull back the ph level to more a happier place during a lightening/colour service resulting in less stress on the hair which of course reduces the risk of damage! ▪️”I didn’t realise you had backwash treatments” yes we do! 💁🏼‍♀️We have a two phase system especially for the back wash called chemistry 1st is shot phase which has four families that are built on a strong foundation of protein and moisture to restore what ever the hair needs most and 2nd stage shot Phix is a pH balancing lotion which seals in the ingredients in shot phase and leaves the hair strong! ▪️“ I didn’t think I would be able to have Redken” why is that? We are proud to have a selective distribution policy which means we only work alongside professional salons, we are NOT in wholesale, we want to partner with salons who have the desire to be the best in what you do, to evolve, to succeed, to share the same visions, to achieve mutual goals, to be educated and be part of the tribe.The moral of the story is.... never presume! We have everything from Bonder - Bleach - Colour - Haircare - Styling - Education - Artists - Academies - Science - Passion - Iconic - Innovation and Love than you maybe realise! Never Presume - just ask 🖤 sharing is caring and I would love nothing more than to sit with a coffee finding out more about you and answering any questions you may have about us 🖤 #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #redken #whatdoyouknow #askmeanything #notjusthaircare

#redken really is the coolest club around and you are invited! THE brand with heritage, passion, innovation and influence always with the professional hairdresser in mind......break the mould and BE DIFFERENT - BE REDKEN 🗽🖤. Get in touch to find out how Redken can transform your business ☎️

#repost @blondequeenofthenorth with @get_repost ・・・ Just a snippet of the courses we offer at Redken! We believe education is key 🖤 #betteryourself #learnearnlivebetter #redken #education #leeds #manchester #london

Fantastic day today with the sassy @colourmesophieb and her amazing team! 🖤💗 #glosslikeaboss #redkenobsessed #mondayfunday #replife

ONLY 1 WEEK TO GO!!!! BIXIE Australia 🇦🇺 is coming to LONDON 🇬🇧 on August 21st, and you don’t want to miss out! In this interactive session you will learn to MASTER AUSSIE LIVED- IN BLONDE, Bixie style! Have you been struggling with getting that perfect blend in your foil work? Stripes? Chunky? Bleeds? Recolours? Bands? Horrible regrowth? We will break down the techniques that will solve all of these problems. Learn how-to: 🌟The difference between balayage, foiling, basin balayage, faux foiling 🌟Techniques so flawless that they look great even without a toner or root shadow 🌟Select your technique and knowing which technique is right for your client 🌟How to achieve perfect blends every time If you would like to secure your space, please click the link in my bio to book now! #redkencolor #redkeneducation #bixie #blonde #bronde #livedinblonde

Let's start the Monday with some positivity! We can do it! #positivity #believeinyourself #mondayquotes #inspiration #glosslikeaboss #redkenobsessed

#repost @joshwoodcolour with @get_repost ・・・ Regram from @marcjacobs @themarcjacobs - Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2018 campaign, hair colour by @joshwoodcolour using @redken, filmed by @stevenmeisel_ Featuring: @osonghwa @_hanshakespeare @stuckinteenage @veronikavilim @sarah__abney @nika.cole @anya.lyagoshina @riannevanrompaey, styled by @kegrand, makeup by @patmcgrathreal using @marcbeauty, hair styling by @guidopalau, nails by @jinsoonchoi, set by @stefanbeckman, sound by @steve__mackey, music by @nathangregorywilkins, casting by @bitton @establishmentny, millinery by @stephenjonesmillinery #mjfw18 #marcjacobs #joshwood #joshwoodhair #joshwoodcolour

I’ve seen the itinerary and trust me this is the event you will not want to miss!! Vegas Baby! January 2019! Who’s with me? Booking lines open soon! Around 10,000 hairdressers from around the world will be there and you could be one of them! Clear your schedule and get Redken Ready for the biggest event in the world of hair! 🖤 #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #vegas #symposium

#repost @craigsworldofhair with @get_repost ・・・ N͟͟E͟͟W͟͟N͟͟E͟͟S͟͟S͟͟ The new Shades EQ Gloss NA’s are here. WOOHOO! This weeks Formula Friday is a little different, in that it’s not actually a formula but two of the shades from the line swatched side by side so you can get an idea of the undertone. L͟͟E͟͟F͟͟T͟͟ - 6NA + 8NA 1:1 R͟͟I͟͟G͟͟H͟͟T͟͟ - 9NA Both were mixed with Processing Solution. As you can see they have both soft grey/soft blue undertones. Think N’s with the extra tone to cancel brassiness and take your cool results next level. Of course they would be GORGE on a pre-toned level 10, which would give you similar results to what you see above. As always my swatches were white before colouring. Keep a look out for the upcoming content on Redken’s feed, where I use 9NA in my formula on a face frame/faux balay/teasy light combo. #formulafriday #thenas #cool #neutral #haircolor #shadeseqgloss #shadeseq #shiny #gloss #hair #colorist #hairdresser #educator #formula #craigsworldofhair

Be one of the first to get your hands on our amazing NEW COLOUR GELS! The perfect Shades EQ partner 🖤 pre orders being taken now! Just make sure you keep those sunglasses handy as the shine is immense!!! 🖤🖤🖤 #redken #colourgels #shine #gamechanger #musthave #perfectpartner #shadethenation

Fantastic day yesterday with @adambrowneuk @lauren__hagen #redkenobsessed #glosslikeaboss #colorgelslacquers #redkenuk

This quote popped up this morning and it couldn’t be any more fitting right now! 🖤💗 Big love to my mighty north ladies... 🥂🍾🏆Winning half year team of the year yesterday was amazing 💗 Super proud to be part of the best tribe ever 🖤 @blondequeenofthenorth @claire_glossboss_sayer @caseyredken @louiseredken @georginanyc5thave #dreamteam #mightynorth #herecomethegirls #redkenobsessed #glosslikeaboss

Here come the gels..... 🖤🧡❤️ #redkenobsessed #colorgelslacquers #redkenuk #glosslikeaboss #shine

Our blonde regional managers certainly do it better 🖤 #redkenobsessed #dreamteam #glosslikeaboss @thehairboss_matt @hairqueenofthewest

#repost @redken with @get_repost ・・・ Help us in remembering & wishing a happy birthday to the founder of Redken, Paula Kent ❤️ We will always celebrate her as a strong woman who pioneered the professional hair industry. Did you know her sensitive scalp led her to develop products with low pH?

🖤💜💗 Amazing result @joshwoodcolour @guidopalau for @marcjacobs collection 🖤💜💗

Stunning ❤️🖤 @guidopalau @joshwoodcolour using @redken for @marcjacobs collection 🖤❤️