Tianjin Binhai library memory: Justin: i wonder if they have a dress code Me: ah no worries . Second day *showing up with flip flops and cute tops* Guard: m’am you can’t go in with these shoes Justin: 😠 Me: oh shoot I’ll buy one *me going to Outlets and buys cute converse shoes (not an ad)* an hour trip . Me: ok, I’m ready Guard: m’am you can’t go in with these tops Me: come on! Justin: 😓 I can’t deal you
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@edgardrodriguesdeluna olhe seu direct

1 Day 8 Hours Ago

@ozlemvarli06 msj bakkk

how do u get to the books?

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Hi dear .can we be friends

@rooftoppingofficial it’s really pretty. But to be honest it’s a lil overrated haha

I've always loved that place ❤️

@patrick_schmedemann kudos to the amazing @geek_in_transit 😏

Excellent shot dear!!

@oatoasta 🙏🙏💕

Udom S.
4 Days 9 Hours Ago


@geek_in_transit an exception just for you hehe 🙊

@claireschilling no, miss yoouuuu. Didn't think this one would be colourful enough for you 😜

@maarcosky thank you Marco! 🙏

Awesome 😍

That being said I miss you @geek_in_transit