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Blinded by these empty waves, Where all I see is you. . . . . (And yes, despite my late night sentiment, please ignore the doofus in the background)

Tianjin Binhai library memory: Justin: i wonder if they have a dress code Me: ah no worries . Second day *showing up with flip flops and cute tops* Guard: m’am you can’t go in with these shoes Justin: 😠 Me: oh shoot I’ll buy one *me going to Outlets and buys cute converse shoes (not an ad)* an hour trip . Me: ok, I’m ready Guard: m’am you can’t go in with these tops Me: come on! Justin: 😓 I can’t deal you

This amazing portrait photographer is potentially THE most talented photographer I’ve ever met in real life! Check out his page 👉 @michaelhsu95 and his adventure in Asia!

That time when Mr. J lent me his phone to drone and I got the colorful fountain and the building lighting instead.. what can I say but ily brotha 😂😗

Swipe left to see LA being photogenic in every angle. If I were a girl I’d be jealous of her, for sure.

Los Angeles is so pretty! Missing family a lil bit though @6ixty8ight68 #6ixty8ight68 #68fashion

My apology if my Instagram gives you a high-maintenance (高冷) vibe of me, but in real life you would find the opposite 🤣🤣🤣. . Do not be afraid to talk to me about your grandmas, ex girlfriends, bad clubbing experience, but only after you buy me haidilao and treat me to a glass of Jameson 😛 (jk)

1.5 days to LA! . So glad that I got to do a day trip to Suzhou with my favorite dude. Although I don’t like the unpredictability of the southern rain 😫

When you waited for 2 days for a nice cloud day, then all of the sudden pinky and blue-greeny clouds arrive 😭😭

Officially graduated today! . . In retrospect, I just cant stop thinking about how my friend @josephlulu has introduced me to this addictive yet refreshing activity. . . Kudos to the good old time with the boys 🥰

Only 10 days left in 🇨🇳 . Not super unhappy since ALMOST all of my good friends are not in China any ways, but still bumped out a lil bit since SOME really good ones are out here.

Willow trees, lakes, wide open road, comfy breezes, a 7o’clock stray of sunlight - it’s poetic in a sense that it’s almost romantic.

One thing that slowly becomes Claire’s nightly routine: 1. Pour myself a beautiful semi-sweet wine 2. Lay down nicely and comfortably on the bed 3. Turn on my phone 4. Open baidu map and scoop out drone places 😆

•Droning in Uni• . If you want to help ease a struggling soul, please keep reading this. . Of many things I find struggling is how to be a mannered college graduate. I’ve seen many who are the so-called ‘elite’ who treat everyone like a goddamn servant. . . I always would like to think that I’m a mannered college graduate. Unlike any other Chinese, I won’t yell and call a waiter/tress a water/tress. I would always say ‘hi, could we..’. . So. Tonight at 11pm I ordered drinks from a Chinese delivery app. Half an hour later a guy called me and yelled at me, asking me if I live on unit D. I knew that English alphabet may be complicated to a delivery guy, so I tried to explain by saying it’s B, ABCD, the second letter. But still after 3 times of clear explanation, he still was confused, and I’m started to get a little upset and angry. I had to get out and meet him outside. . So there he was, a 50 year old man who has grease all over his face, with a thick accent - a typical. He instantly tried to explain by saying : aya, there is no accurate address on these drinks. I questioned the credibility and checked on the drinks. There it goes. I answered: it’s there. It says it’s unit B with the room number. At that point I got so angry. I was very sure my anger was all over my face. . He was very apologetic, but I didnt say, ‘that’s fine’, or the equivalent. . Now I’m sitting on my chair and am pondering - if what college education does is to indirectly segregate us from those hard-working citizens (who never went to uni) to the point where we can’t understand each other, how is education suppose to help people make sense of the world? . I am so disappointed in myself for treating him that way. I’ve sat on my chair for the last 30 minutes beating myself up. But in the same time, the demon inside my brain just keep yelling ‘how can he be so stupid and how can you tolerate stupidness?’ . I’ve met many delivery guy who can’t get my simple address right. I wonder if this is what it takes to address unemployment and other issues. It’s probably a little sacrifice I have to make. . And thank you for reading this self-reflecting post. What do you think?

•Bo kang• . . Remembered how people told me to never work alone and avoid going out at night in Cape Town. Well definitely have been an ‘askhole’ - ask for advice but never listen. . . But hey never got into trouble (except when I was grocery shopping and a old homeless dude popped up from nowhere and started walking with my silently) I guess no one wants to mess around with an angry lookin Asian 🤨

Hong Kong, i never manage to take your outta my heart. Even though my good-bye’s too fast and too soon, I just wantchu to know that you’ve inspired me and made me a better person.. . Even though our lives diverge, I wantchu to know that you will always have a special place in mi corazón ☃️

Guiltily(?) being referred to as a ‘muthafu** blind’ by rangers who only come on duty when convenient and exploit their chance to unleash their suboptimal living condition by yelling and cursing at me. . Like dude if you don’t want people to go inside, maybe don’t leave the door open and the castle unguarded? #think . Nonetheless had a guilty pleasure of owning the castle for 63 minutes, although if we are the princess/prince 👸🤴of this abandoned castle, then it is an ACTUAL REPRESENTATION OR HOW ROYAL WE ARE. (Quote Justin)

I would definitely consider living here for 1 reason: How easy would it be for you to borrow dental floss from ur neighbor thru your balcony🤔️