Simple tasty lunch today of yesterday’s lovely leftovers along with a nice bit of brown bread the hubby picked up from leith market earlier 😋😋❤️🍽🌱💪🍲#lovelyfood #leftovers #nowaste #stew #littlemissmeatfree #15minutevegan #delicious #yum #tasty #vegan #plantbased #plantpower #leithmarket #lunch #speedylunch #weekend #vegetables #cleaneating #balance #treats #healthyeating #foodie #foodpics #instafood
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My kids are back in Nevada with my hubs, who is amazing for stepping up to take care of everything when I go on trips. He takes care of the kids, the animals, the laundry. I feel very fortunate to have such a supportive partner. I spent like 6 years doing nothing but waiting on everyone else's needs hand and foot, trying to fit myself into this textbook perfect mom and wife role that was killing me. It sucked the joy from my spirit. Turns out that perfect mom and wife dosnt exist. There are happy and unhappy women tho and I discovered I had to quit trying to be something I wasn't if I was going to be happy. I can be this amazing free spirited animal and still bake a fuckin cake. My kids have an awesome life. Moral of the story here is never loose yourself in someone else's needs. Wether it's your kids, your spouse, your is so important that you honor those things in you that bring you joy.

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Вот такие мы ходуны 😅ходим уже во всю😊😊😊а ещё сегодня наконец-то вылез 9ый зуб😅😅😅

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