CLUB BAR 444quadでは.平日BAR STYLEでの営業も行ってます! 平日19:00から チャージフリーにて.ご利用頂けます。 #444quad #RUFUS #大宮 #上尾 #桶川 #さいたま新都心 #大宮西口 #大宮東口 #クラブ #バー #ハウス #テクノ #ヒップホップ #ロック #ダンス #忘年会 #結婚式二次会 #宴会 #新年会 #水タバコ#シーシャ
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. Untung pas syuting ini allkpop masih waras + negara api apinya masih remang" . Coba kalau acara ini sekarang, pasti udah ada artikel " chen bersin tidak menghargai senior " 😂😂 . #MTVBRKPOPEXO #PremiosMTVMiaw @weareone.exo

Shawty bad, slim, thick She my drug, she my fix And I’m all up in her mix. • So grateful for everybody that came and show love on my bday! This year was so crazy and so challenging but also turned out to be truly amazing. I’m forever grateful for everything Life is offering me. It’s not always easy, but I always remember that good things don’t come easy so I keep moving forward and fight my battles with passion, love and ambition. Always surrounding myself with good people and good vibes, and making sure my time is put into good use. Last, but not least, I want to thank each and every one of you for your love and support EVERY DAY 🙏🏽 I’ve never cared much about the whole instagram thing but now I’ve came to realize that if I can bring joy, inspiration, motivation or whatever it is that works for you, then I’m going for it and for more! Stay tuned I’m cooking up a few things for you ❤️ #Ariesseason #love #blessed

Contigo llegaron las palabras bonitas y los abrazos, también los besos sin final y el sexo después de ellos, porque esa es la continuación cuando hay cariño y amor, f*llar hasta que la respiración sea rock&roll o hasta que el cuerpo olvide su nombre 🌟

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