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I don’t do posts like these often but I thought I’d share this with you. This is Hunter S. Thompson, inventor of Gonzo journalism and “Shotgun Art” and probably my favorite journalist to date. He was one of the most libertarian people to live (at least by how he acted) and was an extremely straight up and witty character. Thompson saw life as one big story to experience and he lived so (insanely) wildly that by the age of 67, he truly felt he’d seen it all. That same year Thompson left us, (his ashes later shot out of a giant cannon into the air by Johnny Depp during his pre-planned funeral) but his memory and his crazy adventures are always here for us to remember.

every time she opens her mouth I feel like I’m inheriting some of her degeneracy 🙉

may this meme never die

hope you like it 🖤

The NPC meme is one of the most thought inducing memes I’ve seen in a long while and it’s done more than it’s fair share to piss off well... NPCs (people that follow a set of rules and appear to have little to no independent thought). I’m not sure exactly why this idea popped up now; however, I do know that it’s based on a college study which revealed that 75% of the students studied DID NOT have an inner monologue. This study infers that they have almost no bouncing thoughts, like they are bound to a mundane set of rules: get married, have kids, go to work, consume, and respect authority. This pessimistic meme has allowed people to point out just how little of the populous think for themselves and what kind of bland Orwellian society they have consequently created.

Over the past few centuries and even recent decades, the rampant change in male behavior has only been for the worst. Men used to represent something important, being distinguished leaders and the security of the household, now they represent just one of two sexes. It’s a burning of art seeing men who aren’t able to defend themselves, let alone an entire family. They put a shame to the name “man.” It’s more than time for men to make a comeback, reassert themselves as the testosterone-ridden beings they are, and end this queer submission that many have become accustomed to. It’s time to re-embrace your sex, re-embrace your differences, and to reform the modern man as the thinker, the leader, and the individual he was made to be.

I want to take a second to thank everyone who supports this account. In under a year we’ve gathered over 3500 followers and it has been a load of fun. - As of today, I’m going to be taking a different approach to this account; still keeping things light but adding some actual content to further inform my followers. This way you will all be able to see my thoughts and agendas directly, giving you something to think about and perhaps learn from. This has been requested by more than a handful of you and I’m glad to finally act on it. - I will be posting again starting tomorrow, thank you again for all the clout this page has received ❤️

Liberals complain about minorities but are blind to their clear abuse of majority when they assault right-wingers, censor right-wing college speakers, and cause hundreds of thousands worth of damages protesting against right-wing representatives. . There’s a right and a wrong side in this fight. . . . #libertarianism #libertarian #liberty #libertyordeath #progun #conservative #endthefed #taxationistheft #usa #capitalism #america #trump #merica #rebel #politicalmemes #meme #guncontrol #republican #freedom #rightwing #liberallogic #liberal #guns #political #yeeyee #government #politicallyincorrect #2a #sjw

I get a lot of libertarians want to destroy the two party system but it’s easier to elect libertarians through the parties... there’s no way a LP candidate will make the debates 😛 . . . . #libertarianism #libertarian #liberty #libertyordeath #progun #conservative #endthefed #taxationistheft #usa #capitalism #america #trump #merica #rebel #politicalmemes #meme #guncontrol #republican #freedom #rightwing #liberallogic #liberal #guns #political #yeeyee #government #politicallyincorrect #2a #sjw