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Lover of God and people. Wife. Mom. Runner; Yoga; Cross training. R-HYI-225 Holy Yoga Instructor./ CPT Free people, Freee people!!!!

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Day 2 National Awakening Conference. Hey Jesus You move me, You wreck me everytime. Its not a new kind of love, its a new kind of beautiful. Today was one of those full circle moments for me. 💞

2019 National awakening prayer conference in Dallas has been nothing but amazing.

Tuesday workout done with my favorite little workout partner keeping me company. So my hubby got stuck in Denmark yesterday and today he is finally making it home 😅 So excited to see him and hear of all the Lord used doing around the world. Have a blessed Tuesday. Oh and thank you again to everyone who has reached out in regards to yesterdays post. I am doing well and I really appreciate you.

Last week was rough for me as I was physically unwell most of the week. I didn't have much physical strength and I spent most of the days when I wasn't picking and dropping kids off in bed resting. Immune disorders are no joke and I don't minimize the effects on the body. But even in my weary body as I would lay there I was just so full of joy and peace. So conscious of my inner man and I just stayed in communion with Him. Thanking Him and praising Him. Taking communion and declaring my healing. I did not get to physically work out my body last week but I sure got to physically workout my inner man and my mind. Everyday is a gift and a blessing. Today I woke up better and I was able to get a workout in. Doctors were never able to diagnosis whatever this immune disorder is but all I know is that Jesus has a name, the name above all names and this disorder has to bow to His name. I continue to contend and believe for a complete healing.. I pray you all have a blessed Monday! My guy comes home tonight and I cannot wait to hug him and kiss him!!!!! 😍💞

I just love love love this drawing that my beautiful talented sweet Lena drew of our family. Lena, Trejer and their beautiful kids Amos and Grace are so loved by the De La Paz family. Thank you for taking care of my guy while he was in Germany. Love you guys and miss you so much. 💞

There is somethimg about waking up to the news that Kipchoge broke the 2 hr marathon. Today he made history in sport. His words no man is limited really resonates within me. That is something I believe. I know and have experinced with God anything is possible. Being a runner this is such a huge inspiration and a reminder that no man is limited. Congratulations Kipchoge. Thank you for being a reminder to whats possible.

Happy national coaches day! I have been blessed with some great coaches in my life especially during hard times through high school when my mom was sick. They taught me on the court and off the court life lessons I still hold value to today. Thank you

Not the best picture but happy birthday to one of the realest, caring, funniest, smart, loving and loyal best friends a girl could ask for. So happy that 9 years ago you came over to say hello in church and that was it. You were stuck with me. I am truly blessed by our friendship and your walk with God. So excited for all that God will continue to do in you and through. Love you much 💞❤

Lazy Saturday. It's been awhile. I woke up really missing my hubby today as he is in Jerusalem... Yet in all Gods goodness and love over me He meets me in that quiet place and encounters my heart and captivates my heart once again. His presence is my favorite place to be and I have access granted 24/7. You do not have to wait till the next big conference, the next big gathering or for your favorite speakers and worshippers to gather in one place to know and experience the love and presence of God. Every single one of the most impactful encounters and visions have been when I have been alone with God. My secret place is my favorite place. I'm not trying to discourage you from going to those gatherings as they are also important for corporate worship and gathering but I want to go the meeting where all the lovers of God are coming from their secret places. Where they are not coming for others to get them into worship but they come from a place of constantly living in worship bringing their worship together with others. Those are my Saturday thoughts. I pray you have a blessed evening. #thisismylovestorywithjesus #worshipper #loverofgod #perspective #iwanttherealthing

Yesterday's birthday shenanigans celebrating my dads birthday 😍❤💞

Happy birthday shout out to my daddy. So blessed to have the father that I have in my life. In any and every relationships there are always ups and downs and in every season we made it through we fought for our relationship for what it is today. I treasure you and I thank God for you everyday. Love you. Happy birthday daddy.

I'm still here. Still getting in that work spiritually, mentally and physically. I have been getting all these notifications of memories from last year during my training for the Chicago marathon and thinking back on how much I enjoyed training. God really meets me in those training times in a way I cannot even explain. Everyday was a new lesson. Pushing yourself till you can't go anymore and then pushing a little longer. It was such a growing time for me. I actually got on my treadmill which I have not touched in a year 🙊 and ran for a 10 min. Warm up. I actually felt great, inspired and as if I could have kept on running. I am really hoping this spark ignites again. I finished up with weight training and BBG wk 13. Have a blessed Friday ❤

#tbt This first picture of me and my husband was taken while we were away at a military school. We became friends while in school. A couple of days prior to leaving to school I had an encounter with Jesus. These lyrics pretty much summarizes what occurred: Suddenly this heart of stone became a crying mess, suddenly it felt like all the dance broke inside my chest. In a moment, It was the moment I saw You. I can't explain the way I felt when love rushed in my heart, what I thought was put together it all just fell apart. In a moment, the moment that I saw You........Upperroom During this same school I was also coming out of a very dark time in my life and I had decided that while away at school I was going to seek God and renew my heart to Him. 11 yrs later and I love Him more and more everyday. And who knew I would also marry this man. Two broken messed up people with a weak yes said Yes to God and said Yes to Jesus being the cornerstone of our marriage. That was a great strategy babe. Today I am here loving God and my husband more then I could have ever imagined. And my handsome guy is across the waters in Faith speaking forth the message God birthed in his heart. I am so proud of you babe. Proud of the man you are. I don't know many who have a weak yes as strong as you do. ❤👑 #thisismylovestorywithjesus

The moment I said yes to Jesus was the moment I received my inheritance. This inheritance cannot be obtained by strength but in weakness. In my broken, weakened surrender I said yes and I was made strong in Him, I was made whole and I learned the best posture to hold was not toe to toe but in humility and surrender. Best decision of my life. #thisismylovestorywithjesus

Happy national sons day. Love all these boys 💞

Hey Jesus, You move me, you wreck me every time, it's not a new kind of love it's a new kind of beautiful ~~~~~ Upperroom

Happy national daughters day to my three girls. All so different. All so unique. All so beautiful inside and out. I love you girls with all of me.