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Long day. My little guy woke up with a cough and low grade fever and wanted to snuggle this cold cloudy day away. Sometimes it's hard for me to throw the schedule away for the day to just relax on a regular weekday. But I also know how quick my kids are growing up and I don't want to miss any snuggles and cuddling over schedules. I made a chicken tortilla soup to go along with the weather. Tomorrow is never granted so I'm choosing to live today. Have a blessed night IG fam. πŸ’ž

She may be tiny but she is fierce. It's this specials ones bday and I wish I was with her to celebrate her life in person. She is one of those people who will tell you how it is and love you through your workings. One of the biggest encouragers, supporters and influencers you would be blessed to have in your life. I thank God for your life every.single.day. You are the sister I never had. May this year be filled with adventure, blessings, healing, love, good health and more laughs. Happy birthday. Love you best frannnnnnnnn

Happy Monday! Stay focus friends. Another no running week but allowing for that fire to burn when I start training again. I am really enjoying weight lifting and strength training going heavier on those weights. I got in a full body workout, some yoga and working on some techniques my husband showed me to practice on. Hope you are having a great start to this beautiful day ❀

Sunday funday. Today my husband and I started teaching eachother. I led him in a 20 min gentle Holy yoga flow for the first time. Followed up with 40 minutes of him teaching me martial arts and self defense. I have studied the arts in the past and he is always teaching me things but I am really committing this year to really getting into learning from him. He is a treasure full of knowledge and experience and I'm looking forward learning from him and in return me teaching him and leading him in yoga. Plus he is nice to look at and I love spending time with him 😝

Be still my heart. My thoughtful sweet thankful girl planned and coordinated her brother and sister to come up with a little date night for us. She said she knows we haven't had a date night in awhile and that she was grateful for us taking them to NY and always loving and caring for them 😭 We are very open on how we feel about the importance of us having time together as a married couple and enjoying each other. I pray her heart always remains so tender. I am truly a blessed woman.

Well no running for 2 weeks until my coccyx heals. I disscuss it a bit more in my stories. Anyway it's all good. I can still lift and continue to build. Have a great Friday. 60 minutes of strength training done. πŸ™Œ

Someone else's beauty does not take away from your beauty. Someone elses success does not overshadow your success. Someone else's hard work does not minimize your hard work. There is enough beauty, success, honor and love for everyone in their own unique journey, circumstance and season. You are enough. You have to know, learn, fight to believe you are who God says you are. That you are enough. Bloom where your planted.

No running again today boo. Still dealing with the pain in my tailbone. I did some band and body weight work for 30 minutes. Heading to the VA and getting some XRays done. Have a great Thursday IG fam.

Running rest day for me. Today I had a full body workout planned. Took everything nice and slow making that mind to muscle connection. I broke my tailbone on my first airborne jump and it looks like that injury after so many years is acting up 😣. Hope you have a blessed Monday.

#texturetuesday Today was my wash and go day. Today's lesson is follow all the way through and don't judge the outcome by the wash. I left the @cantubeauty deep treatment in my hair overnight and it left my hair super hard during my wash. I love the product but now I know it is not a good overnight treatment for me. Luckily I had some honey in the shower and I was able to mix that with my @devacurl delight conditioner to soften it a bit. I followed through with my regular styling routine using @nymbrands defining cream and Deva curls arc angel gel. I used lots of water during styling to make sure my hair remained soaked. I diffused for about 25 minutes using my @xtavaofficial diffuser and finished the roots for some more volume with my Deva diffuser attachment. I was super pleased how this wash day ended up. I still have the gel cast in my hair and I will probably fluff out using my pic later and I will show you that in my stories. Would you need interested if I posted a video of my styling routine?

Leftovers for lunch did not disappoint. We got butter lettuce, quinoa salad (baby cucumbers, peppers, onions, apples, spinach) tuna, avocado and hummus. All seasoned with sea salt and fresh lemon juice and of course some fresh chopped jalapenos for that spice. This seriously was so good 😝

Hello soreness, it's been awhile since you made things more difficult. Pushed through and got in 20 minutes easy and went right into 10x 30sec hill sprints with 30 sec rest; Glute bridge and hip thrust ladder, glute work and a 20 min walk on the trail. Make it a great day.

We have a teenager! 😱 Happy birthday shoutout to this amazing young man I have the honor of calling my covenant son, my son by Gods' grace, my gift. It has been a pleasure and honor to see you grow into the smart, talented, loving fun young man that you are becoming. You are a gift to me, our family and anyone who has the honor to be part of your life. Happy 13th birthday. May this year be a year of surprises, growth, good health, adventures and an abundance of blessings. I love you today and always @jaywingzzz

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!!! After taking almost 2 weeks off from running and working out simply because I just really didn't feel like it, I felt great today. I started off with a 30 min slow progression every 5 minutes on the treadmill, did a full body strength workout that had my legs shaking at the end; ran on the trail 4:1 run/walk intervals for 20 minutes and my legs were dragging. I finished up with a 10min slow flow to work out all those kinks. We did a spontaneous trip to NY over the holidays and now that I'm back I have a bunch of short term and long term goals spiritually, mentally and physically for this year. I am not sure if a PR for my upcoming 5k is out of range but I will put in the work and just give it all I got come race day. Have a blessed Monday IG fam.

Ok curl friends. We all dread the "bad" wash days. In the past I use to just re-wash my hair and try again but that was pre-kids and hi ain't no momma got time for that . Now I have just learned to embrace the crazy curly frizzy days. The advice that I can give you is to try different products, DIY's, styling techniques, watch videos and keep discovering what your hair likes. Keeping in mind that with change of seasons that one way of doing things is not going to work everytime. Currently I am in Brooklyn N.Y and while my hair loves loves loves the water here as soon as I go out into the cold air my hair gets dry. After having a good wash day yesterday there was no refreshing my curls they were so dry. So knowing what my hair likes, I looked through my grandma's cabinets and grabbed the apple cider vinegar and some honey. I washed with the apple cider vinegar and water and conditioned with @devacurl low poo delight mixed with the honey for some extra moisture. I styled with Deva supercream and arc angel gel and diffused to dry. I loved the final results. Lots of volume, texture and moisture.

1,290 miles ran in 2018. Only 67.9 of those miles were actually racing. I started off the year with a new 5k P.R of 24.15, ran my first marsthon with the the help of my friend and coach @nomnom_boymom, ran 4 more 5ks for fun with family and friends and ended the year running the Chicago marathon. 1,222.1 are the miles where all the growth happens. Miles and smiles with friends, running in 100% humidity questioning your sanity, heck yes killing those speed workouts, tempos and long runs, tears and sweat when nothing seems to be coming together, celebrating victories while feeling disappointed for goals you worked hard for. These miles represent some of the highest mileage weeks and months I have ever ran. Miles spent on working on my running form, from bouncing back from injury. Miles of dedication, hard work and gaining strength spiritually, mentally and physically along the way. I have a couple spring races lined up for next year and looking to get some new Pr's in the 5k, 10k and Half marathon. I'm looking forward to putting in the work. Let's get it!

What a year it has been IG fam. A year of growing as an individual, a wife, a mother, in my faith, in learning, as runner, as a Holy yoga instructor, as a friend and in stature. I accomplished 3 big goals I set out for this year in running my first marathon, fundraising for Project Purple and running my 2nd and 1st major marathon in Chicago and I graduated with honors to receive my Masters degree in Sports Administration. Sure finish lines and graduations are great as they speak of completion but I am convinced it is all in the "in between" where true growth happens. Seeing my children grow into who they are becoming is by far my greatest reward. Being able to be by my husband's side and do life with him, cheering on friends and stranger's in accomplishing goals, traveling on missions trips, daily choosing to say Yes to a God who loves me and is for me. 2018 was a blessing in many ways. All I desire for 2019 is to live it well. To live it intentionally. Work hard and love harder. So these are some of my favorite top 9 pictures in no particular order. My first marathon, good times with friends, travelling with my tribe, Time in Texas with my best friend, growing in my practice, running with Raquel for her 1st 5k, Chicago with my love, representing Project Purple and running the Chicago marathon for my mother, and a selfie I took upon completing my Masters degree that represents the women I am constantly becoming. And lastly your top 9 because you matter and your support and encouragement along the way is valued. 2019 here we come!

Hey IG fam! I know I haven't been pretty present on here. This picture pretty much sums it up. Just been enjoying time with my family, getting a workout in here and there but not consistent and preparing my heart, mind and spirit for this upcoming new season as I give thanks and think back to all that has taken place this past year. Blessings upon blessings.