Will & Cate Purvis

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We would like you all to meet the newest member of our family, Theodore! #bunnyparents #allthefurbabies #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #dreamscometrue #flemishgiantsofinstagram

“Sinners are drawn to a message of hope and empowerment in Christ.” -Pastor David Hertel

We are so grateful to be part of a church where friends have become family and are willing to be real with us. #thatswhatsreal #hopefellowshipchurch @hope_youth @hopefellowship6180

Because we are honorary superheroes! #purviswithpurpose #antmanandthewasp #cultivatedgrace

Ant man and the wasp with the fam! #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #churchfam @thehappygilmore

Sometimes the Lord will let you see stuff like that... #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #godisapromisekeeper

Worshiping in the wait is one of the hardest things to do. To praise when we want to give up. To hope when we feel hopeless. To believe when it seems impossible. But you’re not alone. Our Father is in the waiting. Read our new post on worshiping in the wait. Link in bio. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #worshipismywarcry

When it’s cold in the restaurant but your moms a problem solver. #papertowelshawl #momforthewin #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

These girls 😍😂 So grateful for the beautiful life God has given us. ❤️ #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #purvisgirls #simpleburger

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned was the one that has brought me the most freedom: stop wondering why. Once I realized that I might never know why and that that fact does not change the character of God- He is still good. He is still faithful. He still loves me relentlessly.- I could stop questioning Him. I learned to start with “God is Good and faithful.” and work backward instead of starting with “Why?” and seeing what conclusion it led me to. Instead, I can now ask “What is God teaching me as I go through this?” and “How is God turning this around for my good?” It doesn’t always make it easy and certainly not enjoyable, but it allows me to look for the true God of Love in everything. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #stillbelieving #movemountainmove #hismercyenduresforever

We had so much fun canoeing today! We are so grateful we have the ability to do things like this as a family. We got to see hatched gator eggs and tracks leading to the water, because sometimes the Lord will let you see stuff like that. We got to figure out how to get unstuck from the rocks a few times and we got to spend time together. #sundayfunday #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #dlowaterpark

It’s Cate’s birthday! #happybirthday #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

The Church should be a place a family gathers together to pour into each other. To worship together. To minister to the hurting and welcome them into the family. It is a living body of Christ that is continually growing and adding parts. What I love about our church is that it embodies just that. We get together outside of Sundays and Wednesdays. Because we are a family. We take care of each other, we annoy each other, and we look past each other’s faults. We come together to worship the God of Love and we have a ton of fun. God put us in this group of people right when we needed it most and we couldn’t be more grateful for Hope Fellowship Church. #wearehope #hopefellowshipchurch #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace @hopefellowship6180 @hope_youth

Sunday morning worship 🙌