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I’m not like a regular mom. I’m, like, a cool mom. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #homeschoolmom #socializethechildren #yesimqualified #historynerd Awesome Tshirt Creds:

Pumpkin cinnamon roll as big as my head.... yes, please.

Here we are! Faith Life Church’s Week I’d Increase is this week and we couldn’t be more excited to be here!!! #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose #keithmooreisbomb #vacationingwithjesus

Fixing to ride Silver Dollar Cory’s newest ride!!! #weloverollercoasters #thrillme #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace

Just a couple tourists doing touristy things in Little Rock. The Clinton Presidential Library was super cool. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

Team Scrambled Legs and Achin’ took on The Inflatable Race 5k this morning in Shreveport! #nailedit @rjlchef @lacynnkathleen @miklo1116

As we look into the next phase of our journey to be parents again, we are currently being referred to a fertility specialist. We realized the costs were high and I have found a community of women who are mothers in spirit until they hold their children in their arms. @abutterfly21210 and I have launched our Etsy page and Jewelry line, S.H.E Jewelry. She and I have a heart for babies and mamas. (And she is a KILLER jewelry designer!) SHE stands for Sarai, Hannah, Elizabeth- three of the women in the Bible who were considered barren and yet the Lord made a way. 10% of all proceeds are set aside for grants for women trying to fund their infertility treatments or adoption. Applications for our first grant will open Fall 2019. We also have options for women to raise funds: pop-up shops (local) or FB pop-up fundraisers. Please shop our page to help us fund our journey and the journeys of others who will see the Lord move on their behalf. PM us if you or someone you know is looking to raise funds! LINK IN BIO

Faith in Jesus transforms our lives to be in his image. #cultivatedgrace #purviswithpurpose

I’m feeling some George today. #tngirl #canttakethecountryouttathegirl

Y’all. Adeline drew a picture of us. #purviswithpurpose #cultivatedgrace #betheexample #marriageaintforquitters #loveyourspouse EDIT: The details on Will’s pants are buttons and a zipper flap. I asked. #yallnastyminds #renewyourmind #childdrawingsarefunny