Product Review: Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner @obianaturals Let me start by explaining my hair type. I have very fine, low density, low porosity 3C & 4A CurlFriends. For those who may not be aware of what that means. Simply, I don’t have a lot of strands of hair which is why when wet and even sometimes when dry you can see my scalp, and the strands are thin. In addition, my hair resist moisture because my cuticles lay flat even when you wet them. As a result I’ve grown very conscious of what my hair needs, and what I put on my hair and scalp—because scalp care is important. When I deep condition my hair I must use heat and or steam in order to lift the cuticle so that my strands will absorb the good stuff. Obia Naturals has become one of my #1 DC. For starters, it’s Vegan meaning, plant based with ingredients the body can safely absorb. ✔️ It is PH (Power of Hydrogen 4.5-5.5) balanced, which is important for me because too much protein throws my balance off causing my hair to be brittle.✔️It’s protein free, if you’re looking for a great PF DC. ✔️It has a mild and pleasant smell.✔️ A thick consistency that penetrates just enough through my strands, yet gentle enough that I keep it in over night.✔️ It causes my styling products to work even better, and the result is me using less product when I style.✔️ My hair is moisturized, softer, and healthier; All hair exiting the scalp is dead, however, “healthy” with the understanding that proper moisture means less breakage and the strands grow. ✔️It doesn’t have a lot of slip as I have experience with other condoners, however, it does have some, I suggest detangling your hair first before applying. ✔️The price point is $15, which is average of most DC.✔️No matter what your hair type or texture is, it’s possible to experience protein overload. If you need to get your protein moisture balance back or great moisture, I highly recommend this. On a scale from 1-3, I give this one a 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾. Thank you @obianaturals for contributing a great product. #finehair #finecurls #productreview #curlyhair #naturalhair #hairtexture #deepconditioner #curlcoach #coachtomycurls #beautifulblackcurls #healthyhair #obianaturals
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