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Fine art landscape- and travel photography. Large format prints. All images ©Dag Ole Nordhaug

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Spring spectacle. Trondheim, Norway. April 2019.

Sunset pine. Agdenes, Norway. April 2019. So great when spring finally arrives. Enjoy your weekend!

Evening bliss, Hintersee. Bavaria, Germany. Oct 2018.

Fleeting moment. Dolomites, Italy. Oct 2016.

Promising. Trondheim, Norway. Oct 2017.

Tamarack creek. Yosemite NP, june 2016.

February fog. Trondheim, Norway. Feb 2019.

Otherworldly. Trondheim, Norway. Jan 2017.

The Mall. New York, Nov 2013.

48 seconds. Agdenes, Norway. Jan 2018.

Blue hour. Trondheim, Norway. Dec 2018.

Last frame. Dolomites, Italy. Oct 2017.

Coastal spring. Agdenes, Norway. May 2017.

Sunrise reflections. Bodø, Norway. May 2016. Really start longing for spring!😀

Dreizinnenhutte. Dolomites, Italy. Oct 2016.

A touch of aurora. Vågsøy, Norway. Feb 2015.

The pier. Switzerland, sept 2015.

November daybreak. Trondheim, Norway. Nov 2014.