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I care about someone who doesn’t care about me . My mind goes crazy & on a daily bases I’m worried abt this one person who could care less about me. Anxiety rushes through me everyday thinking about everything & i can’t do nothing but try to act normal & just walk around & tell people that I’m just tired. I wanna help/ be there for this person & I can’t because he doesn’t want me . He most likely have moved on & living his best life while I’m here everyday , every single day for the past 4 years have been worried abt him , caring & loving him more than ever . It sucks a lot cause I cant do anything. I’ve tried everything & I poured my heart out to him & into us & he felt pressured & just didn’t wanna do it anymore . There’s nothing left for me to do but sit back & watch .. I try my hardest everyday to move one & everyday anxiety,pain & stress hits me & I just stay miserable.. but even then I still push my self & fight to move on. 4 years passed & I still haven’t moved on , & it hurts so bad & sucks but I mean , there’s nothing left I could do .. it is what it is . But I pray that God will heal me & help me & be with me . I pray that he will watch over me & guide me & the ones that I love . As much as I wanna be there for him & show him love , I can’t . Only God can which is why I pray for that

“you give but you can not take love.” #explore #explorepage #drake #fromtime #jheneaiko

maybe I’m wrong but , when you love someone , you’ll do anything you possibly can for them no matter what the situation is. My opinion is , is that when you love someone , your love just doesn’t fade away, so if you “fall out of love” , it was never real love in the first place. What people fail to realize is that love doesn’t fail , so if it fails it’s not love. When you love someone you’ll do anything for them , despite the things that they have done to you & put you through. When you love someone , all you wanna see is a smile on their face & wanna see them doing good even if it means your gonna be hurting during the process of that. You’ll do anything to make them happy , because their happiness means the world to you. You argue with them because you care & you wanna make them a better person than they are because of their “significant other” that’s your job . Your job is to be by each other’s sides , love & care for each other & help/make each other better as a individual & as a couple & it’s that that many people fail to realize this. I maybe wrong but from what I’ve seen & heard is that , in every relationship there will be times where it would be hard to be with each other. You’ll want to leave the other person cause you’ll feel like that’s what’s best & way to have peace, a way to not argue anymore & a way to not feel so pressured. It is hard but working through it/every hard time you have together will not only make you strong as a couple but it will also make you as a stronger individual & make the bond stronger. It may not seem like it makes you stronger as a individual but it really does. Love/relationships aren’t always peaches and cream , there will always be bumpy times , & if you both love each other , you’ll find a way together to make it through. Don’t give up on the bond & love you guys have . When you lose someone you love with all your heart & that means the whole world to you , you start going crazy... & that type of crazy is such a scary, painful & draining . Losing someone who means the entire world to you is mentally , emotionally & physically draining ... especially when you have to act like complete strangers around each other .

boy, you take me for a fool. Every piece of my heart I gave away, I gave it away to you, & I thought you would understand baby but times running out on you cause, if you can’t love me now , don’t love me later , when my later is much greater .

I listened to my heart instead of my mind & thats where I went wrong... instead of focusing on reality , I focused on a dream that felt so real , when it wasn’t .

I love you enough to fight for you, compromise for you, and sacrifice myself for you if needed. Enough to miss you incredibly when we’re apart, no matter what length of time it is for and regardless of the long distance. Enough to believe in our relationship, to stand by it through the worst of times, to have faith in our strength as a couple, and never give up on us. Enough to spend the rest of my life with you, be there for you when you need, or want me, and never ever want to leave you, or live to without you. #explore #explorepage #lovequotes #love

“Is it possible to fall out of love?” my opinion for that is no , if you “fall out of love” then it was never really love.. love never fails , so if it failed it was never really love. Yea some people need breaks from their relationships & need time to themselves & that’s okay , but if ya love each other do not leave each other & if you actually do leave & actually moved on , then you never really loved the other person in the first place. When you really love someone, your gonna find a way & work your ass off to make it work , despite everything that’s going on & that’s facts idc . If you can move on from someone that you “really loved” , than it was never love cause again , love never fails . Love is kind , patient , caring & etc. love doesn’t give up . But a lot of people fail to see that because of how close minded they can be & make themselves believe that the other person that’s fighting for the relationship to work seem desperate or that they aren’t independent, when that’s not it at all. But that’s it for today . If your reading this I love you . #facts #feelings #explore #explorepage #mood #howimfeeling #bag #couples #blackandwhite #lovequotes #love #relationshipquotes #realtalk #loveyou #thoughts #heartbreakquotes #deep #follow #quotes

there’s a million reasons why I should give you up , but the heart wants what it wants. I will admit there was moments that I would get butt hurt or get upset but at the end of the day I still loved you. It’s the mind that’s angry , not the heart. I have been given so many reasons to just move on & forget about you & to hate you , but never in my life have I ever had a moment where I hater you , disrespected you , or forgot about you. Your all I ever think about & I worry about you every single day. The thought of you keeps me up late at night wondering if your okay or if your doing okay & missing you & what we had. What we had at the time is so rare & hard to find in this world because now a days no one wants to love & everyone just wanna fuck around , but we had something that others would take years to find . We made each other so happy despite the arguments & that’s the thing , every relationship has arguments, & what I hate is that you couldn’t have an open mind to understand that & actually think about that . People have gone through worse things than us & you gave up that easily for no actual good reason & felt the need to tell people different things than what you told me & that’s what drained me. I know some people search to find something like what we had , to find something so real , I rather no one else & you could never see that or understand that . You have given me more than enough reasons to move one & hate you , but that’s just not how love works . The Bible says that love never fails , so if it failed , it was never really love & tbh that sometimes make me feel like I really got played by you again & you feel great abt it while it’s damaging me & you don’t give a shit... but one day you will understand & understand the feeling I’m going through. Might not be now but eventually it will happen .

here’s something that has been stuck to mind lately . you know how much I love you . Actually no , you have an idea of how much I love you but don’t know exactly how much love I have for you because my love for you goes beyond than your imagination can ever go. You know that I would do anything I possibly can for you. You know that if I can get you the moon , & that’s what you wanted to be happy , I would give it too you & not only that but I would find anything I can possibly do to make you happy. You know I’m always here for you , always will be & always has been. You know that you mean the absolute world to me. You know that all I want is the best for you & for you to be happy. You know that I would never trade you for anything in the world , because I love you more than anything... but you still give that up & put me through that pain , over & over again. I don’t get it. You know that all I wanna do is be there for you & help you despite what you have put me through. The love I have for you is more than words can say & you just don’t see that or understand that. It’s hard to explain but I wish you knew. Praying for you & your family everyday knowing that you couldn’t care less about me & how I’m doing. It sucks but then again this is life & reality. Honestly believing that we could’ve actually been more together & make it big & do better together was just a fantasy. Sometimes I feel wrong for believing in you but then again I believed in you because I love you & because I knew/ know you can be better than that & I had high hopes for you but it always gets turned down with... but despite the things you’ve done to me that’s put me through so much , I still love you & is still one of the realest/loyal person you’ve ever met & that’s some real shit.

I’ll be honest . I got off this account over the summer to help me get the thoughts out & tried to just be able to do me without caring & etc. but just never worked , but not for nothing this summer , one of the things I learned was is that love never fails , so if it fails , it was never really love .. hearing/learning that’s gave me a bittersweet feeling. Idk wether to feel good about myself or sad . Good because at least I know the love I have for this kid is real but sad because his love wasn’t , because he lost feelings.... It’s hard to wake up everyday knowing you still have love & care for someone who doesn’t even acknowledge you anymore or even cares, it drains you & gives you no type of motivation. Honestly I thought I would’ve gotten better by now but it’s just rough. Still all I think about & still my hearts dream .. now that school is back , I have to see you everyday & walk past you everyday knowing that I still love you & miss every moment & every second I spent with you , & that’s something that you’ll probably never realize how important being with you was too me. I can be by myself , I have no problem with that & I can live with myself , that’s something I’m able to do because I’m independent. But being independent doesn’t mean that you can’t have feelings for someone & not depend on others for certain things & that’s something that you mistaken me for.. because I wanted to be with you & only wanted you , you thought as that as me not being able to be by myself when ik I can because I have honestly accomplished so many things & been through so many things by myself . But I still wanted you & still do. Loving you doesn’t mean I’m not independent.but you wouldn’t really understand that because you aren’t as opened minded ... you’ve became so closed minded over the years & it hurts because now it’s hard to get things through to you to understand . You took me tryna make you a better person & coming to you abt how I felt abt certain things as me getting mad & getting upset & trying to argue when that was never it. you took it as me trying to stress you out & when I asked you , is there anything wrong , you lied to me & said there’s nothing .

“You hate the fact that you bought the dream And they sold you one” I hate that I had so much belief in a dream that I made it into my goal to make it with you & last forever & spend the rest of my life with you & I had so much belief in your love & it turned out to just be a fckin fantasy.. I’m tired of replaying your memories in my head. Please I beg you to get out of my head . I don’t wanna have feelings for you anymore , I wanna live my life , I wanna be free & I wanna be able to be happy & to be able to love again & be able to have feelings & actually feel again ... I hate this numb feeling & I hate being called broken & I just hate the way this is .. I never wanted it to end .. you always left me ... & I never stopped loving you no matter what ... I wanna stop loving you & it hurts cause I never thought I would want that to happen .. but everything that I have been through & the way I’ve been feeling lately ... 😔. I defend your name & still look out for you & asking people if your okay & you couldn’t really give a single shit...I don’t even want a daughter anymore , or a son ... I feel like I don’t want a family in general now & that was my hearts dream & it was crushed ... ugh ..😔

i don’t know what I’m supposed to do , I have been haunted by the ghost of you . The ghost of you won’t leave me alone . It’s like , I’ve fell in love with everything about you & found joy & happiness in everything you did . I fell in love with your flaws & imperfections , the things you hated the most abt you , were the things that I loved about you the most . You stay on my mind all the time . I wish I understood why . I was so in love with you that even though I knew I deserved better , I still wanted you & no one else but you . I saw that you could be better than you were as a person/individual. I wanted to help you become a better person , & sadly you took me tryna make you better into arguments & me just tryna argue & start problems & just cause you stress . You have a special place in my heart that I can sadly never get rid of & it drains me everyday . I feel more numb , day by day as my love for you just continues to grow & grow for you . I wanted you & no one else . I was so in love that when you put me in pain / hurt me , I tried to understand you & understand why & try to fix things. I never gave up on you but you gave up on me every chance you got & that’s what kills me . Despite everything that happened & despite the amount of stress & pain I was going through , I never gave up on you or us & I still gave you my all & showed you love like no other .. but I guess I was wrong for that , because that’s how you make it seem .. at least ik my love for you is real ... wether or not you love me , it doesn’t change how I feel abt you & it’s always been like that .. I always found happiness & joy in your presence, your absence brought me the most stress & heart aches . Sleepless nights worrying about you & having you on my mind . Not being able to sleep because even when I try to sleep my pain away to get my mind off you , your in my dreams . The stomach aches while crying & the puffy eyes that turn red & sometimes even black . Worrying abt you & your happiness even though I’m suffering & drowning in my sorrow & still praying for you to be happy healthy & safe even though you left me, but you wouldn’t know that level of pain & it shows ..

I wish I knew why exactly I love you . You’ve given me more than enough reason to give up & stop loving you . But I don’t understand why I can’t just stop . That’s one question I ask God almost everyday. “Why do I love you still?” Or “why does my love continue to grow for you?” . It’s hard to wake up every morning still loving you when you don’t even want me or wanna be with me anymore. It confuses how you can go from wanting someone & being so in love & want nothing but them & then all of a sudden lose that feeling . I know lots of people that had been through that & ive been through that at a moment as well but eventually I came to my senses & continued to love .. & so has all those other people I know that’s being through that feeling ... I don’t understand why I can’t stay in that feeling forever when it comes to you.. your gone & no longer love or want me for i don’t know what reason but I’m here suffering missing you & loving you more everyday & it just becomes more draining everyday ... the fact that I love you & you don’t or don’t want me drains me & kills me. I wish I knew the exact purpose of why I have so much love for you , it’s ridiculous ..

Love . It’s like a drug . You don’t care how much it affects you or hurts you , you still want it & it feels like a relief once you have it . You feel at peace & that nothing in this world can stop that . When it comes to loving someone, you don’t care how much it hurts you or how bad they hurt you , you still love them & still want the best for them regardless on how bad they hurt you. Your whole world could be crashing down & you would still work your ass off to give them the world & sometimes they are too blind to see that . you don’t care what your going through , but you wanna go through everything their going through with them . you wanna be by there side no matter what & be their shoulder to lean on & cry on no matter what even if they aren’t there for you like you are for them . It doesn’t matter what they’ve done , you’ll look past their mistakes, flaws , imperfections & see the good in them . You see perfection & you wanna, treat them like royalty even if they treat you like a lousy peasant or a worthless piece of garbage. It doesn’t matter too you because you love them . & nothing in this world can change that , not even them . you know you shouldn’t love them , & you know you shouldn’t be as good to them but you can’t help it because the love you have for them that wouldn’t do them like that & it turns out to be mentally & emotionally draining & eventually physically .

I wrote you letters . Letters of me opening up . Letters on how I felt . Letters giving you an idea on how I felt since I’m so bad at explaining my feelings . Giving you an idea of how much you mean to me & how much I love you . Did you ever read them ? . All that time & effort I took just to write those letters just for you to put them aside & not say anything about them . I even asked you to talk to me about them after you read them & you haven’t said a single thing about them . That’s how I know you don’t care . The amount of time & effort I took to write all those damn letters just for you not to care . The strength I took to open up my feelings the way I did on those papers just for you to throw them aside & probably never even took a moment to read them with a open mind . That kills me . I really took my time & effort & even cried while writing them & you haven’t said a single damn thing .. now I really see how much I mean to you . That’s so crazy .. after everything I’ve done for you , you can’t just simply read those letters & talk to me about them . After everything we’ve been through .. that’s so crazy .. that’s how you treat the love I have for you .. you really don’t care .. i really thought you cared & loved me the way I do but once again I was wrong . & most likely those letters I wrote was just a waste of time cause you prob didn’t even read them or cared .. 💔👋🏽

Stop, wait a minute The way you move that girl You done got my heart all in it And I just wanna be with you tonight Girl please, I'm a player that is true But I change the game for you I wanna see what it do Can I be for real, this is how I feel I'm in need of love, so let's dip up out of here Ooh you just my type, everything so right And I just wanna chill, so let's dip up out of here Let's dip up out of here (Ahhhh) She's fine too, but I want you (Ahhhh) She's fine too, but I want you I’ll admit it This just ain't no game These just ain't words, that I'm spitting If you could see the thoughts that's in my head I'm trippin, I'm a player, yeah is true But I'll change the game for you I wanna see what it do #rnb #rnblove #throwback #love #couples #lloyd #2006 #explore #explorepage #reallove #feelings #goals

I never thought I would start to turn out like this but , I’m beginning to not want anything to do with love . It does nothing good for me . I always do more than I have too . I’m always there , I always love , I always sacrifice & out in the effort & work for love & what do I get in return ? Pain . I get pain . I get my heartbroken & I get left behind after I was told they wanna be with me forever . I become drained & tired . My eyes burn from the tears , my head hurts from all the thoughts running through my mind & the many sleepless nights I’ve had just wide awake worrying, missing & thinking about you . I’m done with love . Does no good for me & im done doing good for love . Tell love that my doors are close & I rather be alone than get my heartbroken again . • “Pues dile al amor que no toque mi puerta , que yo no estoy en casa , que no vuelva mañana. A mi corazón ya le han fallado en ocasiones. Me fui de vacaciones lejos de los amores. Dile al amor que no es grato en mi vida. Dale mi despedida, cuentale las razones.” - Aventura