If life gives you lemons make lemonade 🍋 #life #sometimesitsshit #makelemmonade #lemmonade #life #worthit ##cheesy #selfie #havaselfie #muchlove #pout #altgirl #redhair #redlip #makeup #choiceinlife #makelifewhatyouwant
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We look at back on all the days that we were seeking knowledge along with the inevitably evolutionary process that transcended who and where we are today. Certainly things and settings change, but I’m still evolving in life. What I’ve accomplished so far has been years of dreams and desires and I am grateful, but I am still hungry still mindful of limitless possibilities. I don't believe I have accomplished my greatest feat yet as we still have an endless amount of work to do. What's important is that we keep moving forward, our heads high, concentrating on what is to be and what will come with time. #letswork . #kaigreene

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