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i Consult for & book your faves 🎤🔹 Brand Development & Sales Execution 🔹Strategic Promo🔑 🔹Culture Cur8R🔹Now booking FebMAR'18 #unkeptkeeper

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This Popped up in my memories. A very epic night. Had to keep my mouth shut & couldn't spill the tea. When I first met #madlib I had to profess that I often used a playlist of his beats to inspire me to create concepts for my business proposals and then #kweli chimes in to tell #madlib that #mos aka #yasin often freestyled to his beats & @madlib proceeded to tell @talibkweli in return that him and #mosdef as #blackstar could have any of his beats if they planned to do a new #blackstar album. I could hardly contain myself 💜 When i finally read the announcement I was thrilled not only because it's was actually happening but I could finally share my excitement.

⭐Thank you for the appreciation ⭐ Regrann from @jahbluezmusic - I am DarkFader And always was the warrior against darkness, I would like to take this time to thank the positive and influential spirits on my team called life... These spirits are what’s keeping me motivated to fight and win the darkness and pains deep within myself. First my Son Royce Boogie, Dani, Dion, Alex. Patrick, @danikilla4nya @cantholdblack1 @otherwize357am @patrickantonian #appreciate #acknowledge #respect #love #honor #peace #spiritual #spirit #mindbodysoul #healing #win #motivated #letswin #life #thankyou - #regrann

All around me may be unclear and blurry to most, but from where I'm standing it's all as clear as crystal. Understanding my vision and showing your support are two different things. Both are appreciated but neither is a necessity for me to continue to persevere. Those who do lend their faith however, will find themselves highly valued and appreciated.

I notice more than I care to address

J.I.D. been on my radar since #earthgang y'all. I'm tired of people sounding ignorant burning themselves talking like some old folks sitting on the porch on sum back in my day shit stating ain't no good hip hop out there when they truthfully too damn lazy to look. Y'all just wanna be spoonfed hits... What ever happened to riding with someone before they got signed?! This is J.I.D. swipe left with your Tinder finger and watch my favorite fucking video and song off #neverstory @jidsv. That album is so diverse it ain't even funny listen to All Bad and Never both by the same artist and come back and tell me this young dude has no talent... I dare you! . . . Ok, never been shit, never had shit, never knew shit, never out, never do shit, damn But a nigga never gave two shits! Never been a bitch, never had a Rollie on the wrist, Never had shit, never take, never asking, give me this, Give me that shit, give me everything

⭐ Thank you 🙏Regrann from @dwisham - I wanna give a shoutout to my homegirl @danikilla4nya in LA for all her hardwork and dedication to her job and how she is pushing the culture its amazing to see people enjoying what they love to do and also i want too thank her for supporting my brand as well i look forward to doing business with you soon and making that trip to LA - #regrann

📣🎤If you have sent me a submission in the past and care to update me with current content please reply to the original email thread we started. If you haven't made initial contact with me DM your email for further instruction. #booking #agent #hiphop #shows #stage #stagepresence #brand #brandbuilder #culture #curator #letswork #network - #regrann

#hiphop4justice Nationwide Conference Call | #livepodcast Tonight! | 6pm pst | 8pm cst | 9pm est Call in & Listen Live: 319.527.2019 - Plug in now for #treach of Naughty By Nature @naughtybynature4ever addressing community about the state of hip hop and the role it plays in today's societal behaviors and level of involvement. Plug in 🌍 Regrann from @hiphop4justice - #thisisnotagame WE’RE GOING LIVE NOW WITH THE MIGHTY @treachtribe of @naughtybynature4ever. CALL IN NOW‼️DON’T MISS THIS‼️ #hiphop4justice #livepodcast - #regrann

@jetdope let'm know

🌍@nno2x live tonight!! pullup to the #airliner Ladies no charge I got your cover 😘💨 Interview and performance available now on @bsideshow and #youtube. @essootw @prodbybandz @maxxowa @bowoktane @double_ii check out Nno story come show love

TONIGHT Special invited guests confirmed TONIGHT AIRLINER BAR IN LA Regrann from @nno2x - Performing live at the @theairlinerla this Friday July 6th come watch me turn this Bitch out! #otw #xos 🤙🏾🔵🌎 s/o @danikilla4nya and @prodbybandz - #regrann

This Friday July 6th @theairlinerla on Broadway. New Orleans' very own #nno @nno2x performing live with @jetdope & friends! Hosted by #bandz @prodbybandz #djbeanz @dj_beanz on the 1s & 2s $10 at the door show starts at 10pm ladies in free till 11pm #fridaynight #friday #la #summer #nightlife #live #alive #performing #hiphop #trap #rap #sing

For any of our citizens to feel this way in a nation touting the land of the free and the home of the brave is just disheartening. I believe we can and will do better. Looking for peace in America, looking for peace when eye stare at ya ... 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Meditate Earthgang @earthgang feat JID @jidsv Rags EP

California dreaming

After Party @moodpiecesmonthly in full effect Regrann from @moodpiecesmonthly - Sat July 21 at @theairlinerla join us 9p-2a for #moodpiecesmonthly w/ #abstractrude Just Added: we are now thee official Afterparty for @bboysummitofficial event that happens earlier in the day at Union from 12p Noon - 7p. Discount for Summit attendees at door. Dancer friendly 🎶 and circles hosted by #fresh of @labreakers (+ @mcwoes) between rap & live band sets. Live painting & hip-hop marketplace by og #hex1. Lots more tba. Props to bgirl #asiaone - #regrann

Friday July 6th #nno #clacc #turtlenojoke #doubleii #maxxowa and special guests soon to be announced are gonna bring it to us live @theairlinerbar Hosted by #bandz

#respect #womenempowerment #hiphopdance #hiphop #stance #hiphopnation Regrann from @jazihi - Respect tha culture 🚀🚀🚀🚀 #hiphopislife #musicisme #takeoff #westcoast #wutang #killabees @vdotvaldez @danikilla4nya - #regrann

Shout out to @westcoastkreations for walking the walk and doing their part to support community and activism. Thank you Johnny for reppin on behalf of #westcoastcreations and #supporting #hiphop